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Mechanicallvlan t1_jcsmaos wrote

I don't think I've been to a Long John Silver's since I was a kid (80s). I basically never ate anywhere north of Chestnut, so I assume there was at least one location further south back in those days. I think I've been to Captain D's maybe once in the past 30+ years.


MartonianJ t1_jctfyuq wrote

Captain D’s is the one that I’ve never been to and don’t know anyone that’s ever been.

I occasionally go to LJS. Like maybe once a quarter. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for the crumbs.


dwimber t1_jctlq9r wrote

Like how I will go to Burger King when I've forgotten what diarrhea feels like.


MeowKat85 t1_jcuw52e wrote

Those onion rings give me the best people repellent farts.


417SKCFAN t1_jctlhp8 wrote

There was one across from Bass Pro, I think where Pancho’s is now.