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Cthepo t1_jd2m1ii wrote

Personally never really found him funny. I remember his performance was basically a generic old man boomer "women bad" routine. Just crass for the sake of being crass. Watching him with friends was just uncomfortable.


GundleFly t1_jd2nwe8 wrote

I remember seeing him the first time and thinking holy shit! because it was a literal shock. Having gone to the Blue Room dozens of times since, it has just gotten to the point that it’s uncomfortable (like you said). He recycles the same jokes about tampons, lesbians, and fictitious sexual escapades, and it can really wear the audience thin.


atruthtellingliar t1_jd2pzu9 wrote

When I did stand-up like a decade ago, he was still doing the "FOUR LEBSIANS GOING TO DIKE, IOWA" jokes and all his other shtick. He also got very mad at me for laughing too loudly when he made jokes. I guess he wasn't used to thay reaction.


BrownLightning96 t1_jd5eh76 wrote

Yeah me and my mother got free tickets to a show here once. He was the opener. Neither one of us found him funny. Like you said, just way to crass.


Cold417 t1_jd31t6q wrote

He's not a boomer, but okay.


Cthepo t1_jd35e8s wrote

I did not say he was; I said his humor was. Boomer humor is a type of comedy. I don't mind it if done well.


CanaConnoisseur t1_jd3k3c8 wrote

You guys should read the last part of the article again, they basically spell all this out. Including defining what blue comedy is…. Perhaps risqué comedy is not your style.


GundleFly t1_jd3r34g wrote

Some excerpts of his:

“I was walking down the street and I saw a young woman with her breast hanging out, and I said ‘ma’am, your breast is out!’ And she said ‘oh shit I left my baby on the bus!’”

“I got lucky last night yes I did encourages crowd to cheer my roommate got drunk and fell asleep with his mouth open”

“I was having breakfast the other day and I asked the waitress if she knows the difference between a teabag and a tampon, and she said ‘no I don’t’, so I says I’ll have the coffee then”

“I saw a waitress with a tampon behind her ear and I said ‘ma’am you’ve got a tampon behind your ear’, and she says ‘I’ve been wondering where my pencil is’”


CanaConnoisseur t1_jd58ve6 wrote

You know what you guys are right, we should all hate this 90 year old man for doing what he loves because we disagree with is content.

What is this world coming to when you can't even let comedy happen. Have you ever thought that maybe this guy is literally from a different time and place. People use to have respect for their elders. I get this old man and what he is trying to do which is make people laugh.

I really don't feel bad for enjoying his sets and anyone that tries to make anyone feel bad for it, is genuinely not a good person. ITS FUCKING COMEDY maybe you should try laughing sometime. Like are you people that fucking mad that people like Old Man Willy?


GundleFly t1_jd59pln wrote

Yeah I’m not saying he’s not a nice guy, I’ve talked to him numerous times. What I am saying is that his comedy is too off-color and cringey for me. Some people like it (and some people like to eat fast-food seafood in the middle of Missouri) but that’s not something I am fond of. My commentary is on his sets, not his actual character.

Glad you enjoy it though.


CanaConnoisseur t1_jd5abfi wrote

There is enough reasons to be upset about being alive in this world, personally Old Man Willy is not on my list. I really feel for the people who have him on there's. Let the old man tell jokes.


Cthepo t1_jd3p9zx wrote

I'm fine with risqué comedy. I saw David Koechner (Todd Packer from the office) and he certainly told many similar types of jokes. Even down to the whole "wife annoying" "something something gay people stuff" and a bit of punching down. But I actually found his stuff enjoyable and had a good time even if the topics were the usual.

Yeah, I'll admit it's not my favorite type of comedy, but there's a difference between crass for crass sake, and part of a well thought out comedy routine.

It's totally fine if other people like him; I just didn't find his routine compelling at all, and even found it just unfun to listen too. I've heard other people with similar types of humor and enjoyed their acts. His act just felt out of touch and made the women in our group uncomfortable, and not in a "good comedy is edgy" kind of way.