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Serious springfield oriented question not related to church toes...

What's the law / rule for having a cock-a-doodle doing rooster inside city limits of town? It seems generally kind of rude that one person in a neighborhood gets to decide when everyone else gets to wake up.



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Restelly-Quist t1_jdm1ipg wrote

You can’t have a rooster.


You_Ate_The_Bones t1_jdm40bi wrote

What section says you can’t have a rooster?


Space-Kat-156 t1_jdm8mew wrote

My favorite parts of that document is when they talk about animals being "at large". As if they were some kinds of dangerous criminals.


socialistpizzaparty t1_jdmpkjq wrote

I mean, a raccoon DID pull a knife on me and steal my trash though… so I stand by the wording in that code.


Benway23 t1_jdm40o2 wrote

There is a rooster just down the road from me, a few houses away. He only crows around eleven o'clock.


Television_Wise t1_jdmyvmm wrote

>It seems generally kind of rude that one person in a neighborhood gets to decide when everyone else gets to wake up.

Don't worry, between all the motorcyclists, douches with sports cars, domestic-violence-embroiled familes, and people whose dogs bark at all hours, it's rarely left up to just one person.


jttIII OP t1_jdoehhv wrote

people who let their dogs bark is also a pet peeve... my neighborhood had a glorious year or two when everyone was a responsible dog owner and it was soo pleasant... Then one of my neighbors decided to die (selfish) then the new neighbors (mid/late 20s) moved in and decided to get a pit bull and another yippie dog... real bummer.


yaxgto t1_jdmj1ql wrote

We ended up with a rooster in the chicks we got and we got rid of him but not before my neighbor reported it to the city through the gospringfield app. I'm not mad about that at all. It took me about a week to get someone to take him after he started crowing. It took the city about a month but someone did come to check and see if we had a rooster and inform us of the code. I'd say maybe report it to the city if you're non confrontational. They will come out. You can do it online on the city website too an I believe rooster is its own category


bobone77 t1_jdn1mgz wrote

Every time the cock crows, someone grows 3 more toes.


Professional_Fox4467 t1_jdmopft wrote

I suppose it's best to ask them if they are aware of the law and ask them to get the rooster gone all nice like first. If they refuse to I guess you can get creative and sort it out


[deleted] t1_jdomyf3 wrote



jttIII OP t1_jdp6hkt wrote

Depends on your work schedule I suppose... if you're a person who crashes out at 5 or 6 A.M. it's a bit of a nuisance.


Longwell2020 t1_jdmac6o wrote

City Code Chapter 18 deals with animals in general. Relevant sections: Section 18-24, Keeping of Fowl: 144 sq foot minimum coop size, 50 foot setback from other dwellings, schools, etc. 12 sq foot minimum for each fowl in an outdoor pen. Section 18-23, Fowl Running at Large: You can free range them only on property owned or controlled by you. Section 18-19, Disposition of Manure from Stables: Chickens are "animals" under the definition of this section, which requires daily cleanup and disposal of all manure into a closed container. This would be a good one for an anti-chicken neighbor to cite. Section 78-113, Prohibited Noises Enumerated: Animal and fowl noises. The keeping of any animal, bird or fowl which, by causing frequent or long continued noise, shall disturb the comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity.

They can have roosters. This is something I have been considering doing myself. Our HOA, however, forbids keeping chickens specifically as the city WILL allow chickens. (Don't forget the city expands into people's backyards all the time)


LeeOblivious t1_jdmaojp wrote

read a little further down. Sec. 18-24. SS b (2) states that "Only female chickens shall be allowed. There shall be no restriction on chicken breeds."


Professional_Fox4467 t1_jdmpuvn wrote

Why would you even consider something you know you can't do? Consider moving out the neighborhood with a HOA to one where you can have chickens and you will be getting somewhere


Longwell2020 t1_jdmrw8i wrote

I don't just accept that rules can not be changed. Besides, moving takes a whole lot more resources than trying to change a few minds.