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New_Boot_Goofin11 t1_jd60cd2 wrote

Can someone help me out here? I'm totally lost and a Google search didn't help.


Fantastic_Mind_1386 t1_jd61kg3 wrote

Allegedly the pastor of James River Church faith healed someone into regrowing a missing toe…


Cold417 t1_jd672ax wrote

You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. I'll get you a toe by this afternoon--with nail polish. These fucking amateurs.


hardisonthefloor OP t1_jd6210v wrote

The original post of facebook was removed, but I found this article about it. Toes.


snuggle_sauce t1_jd7czl5 wrote

> For a church that clearly has a state-of-the-art video production team, it’s baffling that no one seems to have captured any of this on film.

That whole article is pure comedy gold.


_ism_ t1_jd5zw1i wrote

for once i get a local meme


GroovyHeretic t1_jd6hyvz wrote

Somebody let me know if they start making dicks bigger too.


shavedcow t1_jd6mhq6 wrote

That's how we know the story is bunk right from the jump. Bigger dicks would be first priority by a long shot.


bobone77 t1_jd6n6mx wrote

Yep, but that’s just what the women are asking god to do for their husbands. 🤷🏻‍♂️


sourdoughbreadlover t1_jd61yam wrote

I need another finger. Hook me up.


hardisonthefloor OP t1_jd62kk7 wrote

For real, if god is just handing out fingers and toes I’m gonna stop wasting time being careful while cooking or doing woodwork.


sourdoughbreadlover t1_jd6330h wrote

I still have all ten. Just want another middle finger or to replace one. Not sure yet.


_ism_ t1_jd7jzyr wrote

You'll have to get rid of one if you want another middle finger. Otherwise you'd have one middle finger and one extra other finger but both of them would be sharing the position of the middle. If you flipped people off with them both they wouldn't understand.


Punkerkas t1_jd7haz0 wrote

Isn’t Goldfinger, the main pastor whatever his crooked name is, missing a finger? Why didn’t god give him his finger back too? Not exactly a toe but still close enough eh?

also form 13909 just in case


sourdoughbreadlover t1_jd7kqg8 wrote

I have no idea. I mostly avoid anything to do with this church since I get cult vibes.


garlicgekko t1_jd6s8qf wrote

Mental health and mental healthcare are still under serviced here.


Wrinklestiltskin t1_jd7g5ku wrote

Don't confuse mental illness with stupidity. You're stigmatizing metal illness using it as an insult. Stop that..


Napdaily t1_jd7hzm3 wrote

Growing toes! That's crazy! But a virgin birth everyone is on board with!? It's all the same Christian nuttary!


Charlotte_the_cat t1_jd7ivl7 wrote

Sure wish God had given my mom back her legs when she was still alive.🙄


elaborate_hoxha t1_jd7l2ff wrote

Hey you know what else regrow toes? CRABS. We’re all turning into crabs.


growth-or-happiness t1_jd7fscd wrote

I want toes. Many toes. And since he can grow them, I need more as my supply is running out. Also....

*It is like when a pastor can claim they can make a leg grow longer. It is all parlor tricks.*


growth-or-happiness t1_jd7gwte wrote

I am replying to myself again. My grandpa and dad didn't have all of those slight of hand books for no reason. They used the same techniques to pull money from people. It was magic! No it wasn't. There was a reason why they went to prison for mail fraud, they knew people were dumb. And well, it was the 80's, so that was rampant. Religion was and is always easy. I have respect for those that use religion to help others, but that isn't so common anymore these days. See Joel Osteen, or JRC.