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randomname10131013 t1_jd9p9y9 wrote

Religion poisons everything.


Cthepo t1_jdavvcz wrote

Is that why I can never grow tomatos? The non-denominational church next door.


The_Actual_Pope t1_jdhz980 wrote

In the James River Church Necromancy thread, someone pointed out they could get in trouble because Springfield requires a license for necromancy. They linked to the law and the list of occult practices you need a license to practice in Springfield is amazing.

>any occult or psychic power or faculty or force, clairvoyance, cartomancy, phrenology, spirits, mediumship, seership, prophecy, augury, astrology, palmistry, necromancy, mindreading, telepathy, or other craft, science, cards, talisman, charms, potions, magnetism, magnetized articles or substances, oriental mysteries or magic of any kind or nature, or numerology.


[deleted] t1_jdiu3az wrote



The_Actual_Pope t1_jdjlp6b wrote

Yeah, and that list probably isn't enforceable unless they just need a business license. Also I reckon they're just pretending to do necromancy.


Cthepo t1_jd80jws wrote

Aye! Gonna try this again. My wife and I are looking for another couple who plays xbox for some 4 player gaming. Especially Stardew Valley but we have game pass and play other games. We're in our mid/late 20's and pretty chill, and also down for IRL friendships too. We're pretty social and like meeting new people. You're more than welcome to DM.


00112358132135 t1_jd8gunf wrote

All of the food dispensary weed is gone and I’m mad about it.


bolerg t1_jdfi32s wrote

Are you looking for the word edibles? Lolol


Difficult_Advisor89 t1_je4kv2n wrote

hello everybody, just wanted to let you know that i have 2 malchi puppies ready for their new home. Momz is a chihuahua/boston terrier mix and dad is a maltitzu. there is a rehoming fee.