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Trixxxxxi t1_jd91eag wrote

Life ends at 36


Ok-Inflation-6312 t1_jdawitk wrote

Hitting that apa definition of middle age and there's nothing else out there for you I guess.


PassingWithJennifer t1_jdbg3xs wrote

American psychiatric association???


Globalksp t1_jdbgem8 wrote

American Psychological Association. But you know, potāto potäto.


PassingWithJennifer t1_jdbi4nt wrote

Tbf I think first puberties boon ends for most at 25 and then there begins a subtle lifelong decline to the endocrine system starring around 25-30 that is exponentially worse and down regulated by 60 for most? It kind if makes sense, I think, that without modern medicine a lot of people would not he expected to live to a number such as 90. So 30 is at least ⅓ of the way there. I can kind of see why 36. Buy I'm just trying to come up with random justifications for the number idrk anything


EcoAffinity t1_jd8q3aq wrote

Small, weird intervals. Are you a young 26 or an old 26 lol


_ism_ t1_jd8on63 wrote

And yourself? I'm guessing you're younger than 36? I say that because every "age userbase" survey I ever see just lumps 36 year olds and up all in the same category. is there something special about turning 36?

I feel like people younger see us as "old" at this age and i'm just cracking up being lumped in with my parents here


rogan_notjoe t1_jd93nzv wrote

Not all the 36+ users getting worked up over a survey 😂😂


snarkysammie t1_jd9zin1 wrote

This survey is statistically bunk. You can’t evaluate proportions when the age brackets are so skewed. One choice covers a 5 year span while another covers 40+ years? How are those groups comparable? Of course the biggest group will have the most responses! 🤦‍♀️


seoul_train86 t1_jd9xecd wrote

I REALLY don't like that I'm now in the second to last choice. I'm still young I promise