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Cold417 t1_jdap9wd wrote


cktk9 t1_jdazy7i wrote

👏 We 👏 require 👏 feet 👏 pics!


JohnMcDaniel91 t1_jdd7z17 wrote

HEY LISTEN THE POWER OF PRAYER WORKS PEOPLE..if you have something going on in your life give it to God an he will see you through it! When you put your faith in God nothing is impossible. JESUS IS KING whether you guys like it or not!


Cold417 t1_jddb4bx wrote

I keep it to myself and overcome, like a real achiever.


Christmasqueen19 t1_jddl008 wrote

Yeah he didn’t regrow toes!! It’s wrong if this church to claim toes and kidneys can grow back and to claim to raise the dead! They told parents of a 2 year old they could bring the child back from death! That’s fucking terrible!


brainkandy87 t1_jdatro0 wrote

I’m so happy this got picked up by the Springfield media. It’s so batshit insane yet that church has become a central part of so many lives in this area. They should be laughed out of the goddamn state. They won’t, but they should. At the very least, they’ll lose some tithes.


shavedcow t1_jdakmf0 wrote

Seriously, get fucked if you're a Christian and this is where you draw the line. Deconstruct now. Be good to people for the sake of being a good person and spread compassion and empathy. Fuck religious persecution, trauma, violence, indoctrination, patriarchy, homophopia, racism, and sexual assault. The real world is waiting


PassingWithJennifer t1_jdcil7w wrote

You know the biggest voting bloc on the left are Christians. I am trans and Christian. Secular Christian but still. About 65% of lefty voters are Christian or catholic.

But I think even many people on the right would know this is fake news though. It's not uncommon at all for some hooligans to come along and make ridiculous claims in the name of God. Happens all the time. The people that do buy this stuff tend to be desperate and hurt. Which is why I think it is particularly bad to lie about claims like these, because of the type of people they prey on that are searching for help wherever they can find it.


FrankTankly t1_jdda9ks wrote

Not trying to be argumentative, but how is “secular Christian” not a complete oxymoron? That’s like saying I’m a “carnivorous vegan”.


PassingWithJennifer t1_jddbkw2 wrote

An except from the Wikipedia article about secular theology

>advocated a nuanced approach to scripture, as opposed to Biblical literalism, informed by scholarship and compassion which he argues can be consistent with both Christian tradition and a contemporary understanding of the universe. Secular theology holds that theism has lost credibility as a valid conception of God's nature.[3] It rejects the concept of a personal God and embraces the status of Jesus Christ, Christology and Christian eschatology as Christian mythology without basis in historical events.[4][5]

I recommend you read more if you're interested. I think scripture is meant to be continually reinterpreted to derive new meaning from--somethint fundiesare practically incapable of doing with rigid and inflexible, hateful views of what to apply. I'm at work or else I'd ramble more.


TrxpThxm t1_jddjkp7 wrote

“… you can just say ‘when’ if you don’t want anymore Parmesan.”


QuarterInchSocket t1_jdas3g9 wrote

"Others aren't so dumb."


As if in this day and age not one single phone was recording. Bull. Fuckin. Shit.


VaderTower t1_jdboj0d wrote

Not only that, no photos after the fact.

If she really has them, every medical doctor will want to examine it, write a paper, and win a Nobel prize for the discovery for how to regrow appendages.


name-isnt-important t1_jda9mqj wrote

"Tonight, I can stand on my tippy-toes. Listen, do you understand?" Dines said in the video. "I can stand on tippy-toes. No, I couldn't do that because I didn't have toes to tippy on."


PM_ME_YOUR_ROTES t1_jdatv6l wrote

Regrown toes!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely at James River Church!?


malevolentk t1_jdaq15j wrote

I honestly feel like there must be some sort of legal issue with lying about this… I mean they are going to scam people out of a lot of money who want to be healed


EyeOk389 t1_jda81zr wrote

Would have been easier to remove the remaining toes rather then making your church look ridiculous.... how stupid are people?...


MacAttack2015 t1_jdao3q6 wrote

“Aren’t so sure.” No, I am positive that did not happen. You are insane. Please seek help.


Formerlurker617 t1_jdatzcd wrote

That’s the thing about science.. the experiments are repeatable and predictable. Bet this charlatan can’t demonstrate his experience!


HauntingShip85 t1_jdb56tr wrote

He gave me todger an extra inch last Easter! Highly recommend this good Sir!


Great-Bratton OP t1_jdb66vh wrote

Thank god for your todger! Use it well to please your wife while the lord watches from the corner.


AmcillaSB t1_jdb3nsb wrote

A miracle that gave her a new foothold in life


Sweet-Ross860 t1_jdb3uc3 wrote

I went there years ago with a friend who thought I’d enjoy it, but I hated it.

They don’t even have bibles in their pews or seats at James River Church. Like they definitely could afford to have that so what the hell?

All the scripture they used were from different chapters & verses that didn’t even go together to teach any rational lesson from the Bible. The worst part is we couldn’t even check to see if they were the correct verses or some made up bullcrap.

They are literally the fakest & scariest of all “Christians”.


Jason355f1 t1_jdbp951 wrote

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Maybe he could shoot off his own toes, and then pray about it.

It would go a long way towards redeeming peoples faith.


Particular-Wheel-741 t1_jdal9hk wrote

I'm interested because I want to see a spectacular win or fail. It's going to be one or the other. Let's watch.


Great-Bratton OP t1_jdaltow wrote

They literally, LITERALLY, claimed that they watched a woman’s toes grow back… how on earth could that be a win?


Particular-Wheel-741 t1_jdan8qo wrote

Because, do it again. Idk I'm ready for a bullshiter to be caught for doing some magic or lying his ass off for his Cult.


Cold417 t1_jdau7ok wrote

If they can grow toes, can they grow them beyond regular size? I'd like some of those weiner toes from EEAAO. Just to freak people out.


GSPilot t1_jdcdvkn wrote

Why is this “church”, that is obviously a shady business, not being taxed??

We, as taxpayers, are having to make up for the loss of tax revenue, as well as subsidize the services that they use for free.


Demmetros t1_jdafpji wrote

( Larry's Strong entered the chat)


shavedcow t1_jdbib01 wrote

Oh and by the way, that one big sky daddy cuck, Lindell... he has 9.5 fingers and a mashed over nose. Why hasn't that dweeb Kelly and her real doctor husband anointed that shit? Petition the Joplin campus to FIX THE PHALANGE!!


lifepuzzler t1_jdceaz9 wrote

#Others aren't so sure



yipmick t1_jdbbpby wrote

Y’all we might be getting duped. In a bigger way.


Bwoody1994 t1_jdc6c5t wrote

If I grew back toes I would be posting pictures everywhere.


i-touched-morrissey t1_jdd3k2q wrote

Unless there is a scientific paper, peer-reviewed, I will not believe it.