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PassingWithJennifer t1_jdcil7w wrote

You know the biggest voting bloc on the left are Christians. I am trans and Christian. Secular Christian but still. About 65% of lefty voters are Christian or catholic.

But I think even many people on the right would know this is fake news though. It's not uncommon at all for some hooligans to come along and make ridiculous claims in the name of God. Happens all the time. The people that do buy this stuff tend to be desperate and hurt. Which is why I think it is particularly bad to lie about claims like these, because of the type of people they prey on that are searching for help wherever they can find it.


FrankTankly t1_jdda9ks wrote

Not trying to be argumentative, but how is “secular Christian” not a complete oxymoron? That’s like saying I’m a “carnivorous vegan”.


PassingWithJennifer t1_jddbkw2 wrote

An except from the Wikipedia article about secular theology

>advocated a nuanced approach to scripture, as opposed to Biblical literalism, informed by scholarship and compassion which he argues can be consistent with both Christian tradition and a contemporary understanding of the universe. Secular theology holds that theism has lost credibility as a valid conception of God's nature.[3] It rejects the concept of a personal God and embraces the status of Jesus Christ, Christology and Christian eschatology as Christian mythology without basis in historical events.[4][5]

I recommend you read more if you're interested. I think scripture is meant to be continually reinterpreted to derive new meaning from--somethint fundiesare practically incapable of doing with rigid and inflexible, hateful views of what to apply. I'm at work or else I'd ramble more.