Submitted by naalks t3_11z5pr2 in springfieldMO

Anything fun, fresh & exciting going on this weekend ? I don’t have socials so I’m always out of the loop for anything going on in town.



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J_712 t1_jdb0r30 wrote

Queen City Shout


Ryanqzqz t1_jdb6bys wrote

There’s a BBQ and fly-in going on Saturday at the downtown airport if you like planes and aviation, or think you might like planes and aviation.


naalks OP t1_jdbrfvn wrote

I absolutely love planes/aviation. Do you have any other info ?


Ryanqzqz t1_jdc42gw wrote

It’s the grand opening for the new airport management, Fulltron Aviation. The event is 9a-5p. Free BBQ at noon.

At the least there will be folks with airplanes talking about airplanes. ( If the weather isn’t great)

If the weather is good there should be some folks from the EAA (experimental aircraft association) flying in, and probably flying around.

I’m planning to go after I’m done with my shift at the flight school at KSGF.