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disturbed_beaver t1_jdciq66 wrote

They saw a kidney on an x-ray, huh? More than one miracle was performed that day!


PalPubPull t1_jdf10xf wrote

I'm trying to deep dive internally into how JRA converted to this, and the only thing I could imagine is medical miracles create larger income than simply the Love of God, which is what I experienced when I was in that cult.

I'm not saying they were ever a great church to attend (in hindsight at least, they are very persuasive when you're there) but I never experienced anything like this when I was a member a couple decades ago. It would be more like recovering addicts, or them helping rebuild burnt down houses, which I can at least acknowledge still that whatever works is helpful.

Regrowing toes....No idea what's happened between then and now.

Happy member and donate monthly to Brentwood now who I know loves everyone for who they are. Just saying I can see how easy it is to get wrapped up in JRA's bullshit. If you ever go, at least as I experienced in the early 2000s and I imagine has only become more persuasive, every sermon was like a hype concert. They are performers that make you feel good about yourself, so it was easy to just kind of believe whatever they say.