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hardisonthefloor t1_jdcgdef wrote

Oh so people can just claim any ridiculous thing as long as it “makes them happy”?


booradly t1_jdcj7xj wrote

Why do you care so much? People claim ridiculous things everyday why is this different?


hardisonthefloor t1_jdcpgdk wrote

You’re correct, people claim ridiculous shit every day, and I will ABSOLUTELY call them out on it as well.


booradly t1_jdcpyd5 wrote

Maybe its not so rediculous for her, maybe her life has been so shitty lately that this is the thing that brings her out of her funk. Even if its false, what if this was the thing that flipped her life around, is it so ridiculous then?


hardisonthefloor t1_jdcqhuf wrote

Yes it is 100% still ridiculous. If lying about growing new toes is what it takes to get you out of your funk, you have serious fucking mental issues.


booradly t1_jdcrx7g wrote



robzilla71173 t1_jdd7ij1 wrote

According to the news the toes were lost as a result of her estranged husband shooting her three times, leaving her pretty badly wounded and killing her friend. I suppose that sort of trauma could lead to some significant mental issues. And I'm no psychologist, but I'm also supposing that if you could convince yourself some aspect of that trauma had been healed for you, that might go a long way in aiding your mental well being. I'm not inclined to believe that the toes actually grew back, no. And yes, I understand the frustration at the church using this to further itself among sometimes gullible parishioners. But at the end of the day I guess I fall into the camp of people who just don't really care that much because I've got my own things going. If she wishes to dance a pirouette to show she's recovering from and regaining control of what does appear to have been a shitty time in her life, I'm not interested in robbing her of that. It's no crazier than things we all heard in church every week growing up.


booradly t1_jdd8lcq wrote

Thats my thoughts, I honestly feel bad for the lady mostly because now half the news networks in the area are going to be hounding her until she responds not to mention the individuals harassing her. Just leave her alone and let her be happy why do you all care so much honestly.


Anima_EB t1_jddqm8d wrote

If you don't want this don't lie and make ridclious claims.