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wizzywurtzy t1_jde0frt wrote

They’ve been an embarrassment for a long time. Remember when they made headlines for saying yoga pants are satanism and devil worship?


TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdfv9w8 wrote

I believe it was yoga, not yoga pants.


wizzywurtzy t1_jdfwv8f wrote

That’s even worse lol


TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdg0ya5 wrote

Correct. Thats the point. Ironically, my wife and her mother were present when the pastor was ranting about it being some kind of medium, dark spirit channeling, sorcery. They had both done yoga many times so of course they questioned it amongst themselves and didn’t agree.

There was also some situation where they terminated a good long term employee or member or something because it came out they were gay. My mother in law is pretty liberal, cares about people, tries her best to not judge others, etc and it bothered me to see her questioning and having this internal conflict with her moral beliefs and religion beliefs.