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TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdfxwgc wrote

What happens if it’s true? Seriously? Id be jumping aboard to have them heal me and everyone I know of all illnesses before this entire area is swarmed by people coming from all over the world to have their loved ones cured of illness. Meanwhile you better believe big Pharma is going to be putting hits out to kill off all of these magic healers at JR before they pass the gospel on to other folks and we’re surrounded by magic healers.

Some would argue otherwise? Not many would argue

Why is it important? If miracles like this are possible, this world would be a much better place without health insurance.


booradly t1_jdhc0wu wrote

If it turned unbelievers of the miracle to believers then yes there would be quite the uproar, trouble is the faithless and unbelievers will continue to not believe it’s true. That’s the way it’s always been really. Let’s say they came out Sunday with pictures of this lady’s feet with new toes would you believe (assuming you don’t believe it’s true)? I would venture to guess most unbelievers still wouldn’t believe it citing some excuse. Even if they got side by side pics and a doctors note I doubt most people here and in the media would become believers.