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Samjamesjr t1_jdb26zh wrote

This didn’t kick it off, but sure! There’s been plenty of times they hadn’t put their best foot forward.


bobone77 t1_jdb5wxg wrote

This is what happens when you oversell the grift and don’t tiptoe around it. 🤷🏻‍♂️


lurkergenxdurp t1_jdb97yn wrote

Seems like they've had a (cash fisted) grip on the community for years. Maybe this will be the thing to bring 'em down.


deborah_jai t1_jdcaaa3 wrote

At this point I can never assume a right wing crazy juggernaut will be brought down by anything.


AmcillaSB t1_jdb3f0f wrote

Sounds like this preacher has a real knack for sole healing.


apissyangel t1_jdbhbil wrote

If there was a Springfield New Vegas mod James River would be one of the main evil factions. Besides having a preexisting army of mindless drones, due to their stronghold of highway 65 they'd also control essential transport and communication from Branson, Little Rock, and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico. The northside freedom fighters (who cleaned up their meth-addled ways after realizing they were the only ones who could stand up to the murderous James River Inquisition and protect their womenfolk and babies) would be JR's major rival the only hope of a non-fundamentalist theocratic future for SW Missouri. Vote!


PassingWithJennifer t1_jdbhn3h wrote

I like the way you think :)

But didn't most places of worship become replaced with cults like children of atom that cling to abstractions of old religions?


apissyangel t1_jdbhtjy wrote

Haha, not sure. I'm not very deep into Fallout lore but that sounds interesting af and now I'm thinking about playing some Fallout lol


PassingWithJennifer t1_jdbj7br wrote

I spent a significant amount of my time after work today trying to find a good fps rpg. I'd play RAGE but don't want to download like 70 gb over my Hotspot

I did find another called elex I intend to try when I finish up my current games. You might check it out. Elex 2 has a good following

Fallout, bioschock, and borderlands, to me, seem like the best fps rpgs with a lot of polish but thats not a very important because I discovered today the genre is really, truly untapped in the way fallout presents it. Most shooter rpgs are 3rd person or isometric when paired with open world elements especially. This seems really weird to me because fps rpgs are not a new thing. System shock 2 comes to mind as a classic and one that inspired literally several genres or themes of games.


apissyangel t1_jdblna3 wrote

System Shock 2 is so immersive. Just the sheer quality and depth of gameplay locks you in, genuinely creepy storyline. And somehow to me the idea of being isolated with this insane AI on a spaceship is more terrifying than Atlas, though Bioshock 1 is ofc a masterpiece in its own right.

Yeah idk I have a lot of problems with the current state of gaming. Seems like it's stalled out in some ways and same, I am missing the continued progress of certain genres, open world action RPG definitely up there. I think it's just that part of the cycle of creativity/industry, kind of a down moment. Eventually something will come along to shake things up, revitalize the industry and we'll see some good new stuff. Meanwhile System Shock 2 still holds up lol


lifepuzzler t1_jdcdzqj wrote

The National HQ for Assemblies of God is right by Drury. It wouldn't just be James River, the entire town would be a stronghold.


Lukeyboy1589 t1_jdbaww8 wrote

Yeah, the pastor really put his foot in his mouth, spouting off that claim.


minfold t1_jdbe9cd wrote

Lol @ ‘now’


JoeByeDon t1_jdb7xg9 wrote

Cults often do that...


2020GoodYear2Forget t1_jdbjdeg wrote

This happened in Joplin, MO if that makes anyone feel better. The pastor also failed to resurrect a dead two year old.


SeabeeSeth3945 t1_jdb3rdq wrote

James River peeking into Russias playbook and making easily disproved claims


GSPilot t1_jdcob2u wrote

So I have an acquaintance that is a fervent JRA/prosperity gospel/evangelical.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he was 100% behind Ukraine.

Lately he’s changed his tune and now says “Putin is just a strong leader trying to bring his country back together”.

I know that this mirrors current GOP rhetoric, so I’m curious how much of this opinion was formed at JRA?

Since evangelicals and the GOP merged, it’s hard to tell which is the dog and which is the tail.


3gnome t1_jdbni5f wrote

Satan wants those toes back and he’s comin’ to get ‘em


Swiv t1_jdcgbd6 wrote

Some toes spontaneously growing back is no more crazy than any other nonsense in the bible. If this was a story in the bible, they'd preach about it a few times a year without batting an eye. But because it's some dummy from the Ozarks everyone can point and laugh at, suddenly it's ridiculous and dangerous?

Mainstream Christians just frown on this because it makes them look foolish by association. It's like a stable full of different snake oil salesmen and one is going so over the top that people are making fun of them. The other salesmen are like, "Get this guy the hell outta here! He's ruining our marks!"


lifepuzzler t1_jdcduji wrote

James River is a symptom of a larger infection by the way of Springfield being the location of the HQ of the Assemblies of God church. Just NW of Drury University campus is their compound.


Mizzoutiger79 t1_jdcnupc wrote

Most organized religion is a national embarrassment.


00112358132135 t1_jdcvrb6 wrote

> "The person next to me said, 'do you want new toes?' And I was like, 'well, sure!'"


HotMessShephardess t1_jdcko4u wrote

Is anyone else planning to watch this weekends service online just to watch them try to stumble out an explanation for this?


xPeachesV t1_jdcn5gk wrote

If you’re JR, you don’t address it and hope it blows over in the next month or two. People’s attention span isn’t that long


Zigihogan t1_jdd4md7 wrote

I has always been an embarrassment, people outside of the area just didn't realize the depths of their delusion.


blitzalchemy t1_jddbl3h wrote

"Now"? They've BEEN a national embarassment. Just like any other megachurch cult headquarters


polski_zubr t1_jdcmkxr wrote

👨‍🚀🔫👩‍🚀 "always has been"


wizzywurtzy t1_jde0frt wrote

They’ve been an embarrassment for a long time. Remember when they made headlines for saying yoga pants are satanism and devil worship?


TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdfv9w8 wrote

I believe it was yoga, not yoga pants.


wizzywurtzy t1_jdfwv8f wrote

That’s even worse lol


TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdg0ya5 wrote

Correct. Thats the point. Ironically, my wife and her mother were present when the pastor was ranting about it being some kind of medium, dark spirit channeling, sorcery. They had both done yoga many times so of course they questioned it amongst themselves and didn’t agree.

There was also some situation where they terminated a good long term employee or member or something because it came out they were gay. My mother in law is pretty liberal, cares about people, tries her best to not judge others, etc and it bothered me to see her questioning and having this internal conflict with her moral beliefs and religion beliefs.


Ten-4RubberDucky t1_jdhda4h wrote

Something is afoot within the James River Community. The fact they’re all TOEing the line and not providing proof gives them nothing to stand on.


booradly t1_jdcd4si wrote

Even if it didn’t happen and the lady is delusional least she’s happy, don’t rob her of her joy just for the sake of trying to embarrass a church you don’t like.


hystericallymad t1_jdcdq28 wrote

Nope. They're parasites in Christianity. The lady gives off more peeked in high school energy.


booradly t1_jdcf213 wrote

So the solution is to bother and pressure the lady to show her toes to the internet? It would be like if you got a huge raise at work and people made a website and harassed you to tell them what you make now.


Funky_Farkleface t1_jddnypf wrote

No it isn't. Someone getting a huge raise at work is not considered a religious miracle. Someone claiming their deity heard their fervent prayers and regrew bones, muscle, tendons, skin, nails in a species that is proven to not have the ability to spontaneously regenerate those things . . . welp, that requires proof.


booradly t1_jdduxsu wrote

Some would argue otherwise. Besides why do you care so much? Why is it so important to people to find out the "truth"? Does it make you feel better? What happens if its true?


TheThumpaDumpa t1_jdfxwgc wrote

What happens if it’s true? Seriously? Id be jumping aboard to have them heal me and everyone I know of all illnesses before this entire area is swarmed by people coming from all over the world to have their loved ones cured of illness. Meanwhile you better believe big Pharma is going to be putting hits out to kill off all of these magic healers at JR before they pass the gospel on to other folks and we’re surrounded by magic healers.

Some would argue otherwise? Not many would argue

Why is it important? If miracles like this are possible, this world would be a much better place without health insurance.


booradly t1_jdhc0wu wrote

If it turned unbelievers of the miracle to believers then yes there would be quite the uproar, trouble is the faithless and unbelievers will continue to not believe it’s true. That’s the way it’s always been really. Let’s say they came out Sunday with pictures of this lady’s feet with new toes would you believe (assuming you don’t believe it’s true)? I would venture to guess most unbelievers still wouldn’t believe it citing some excuse. Even if they got side by side pics and a doctors note I doubt most people here and in the media would become believers.


hardisonthefloor t1_jdcgdef wrote

Oh so people can just claim any ridiculous thing as long as it “makes them happy”?


booradly t1_jdcj7xj wrote

Why do you care so much? People claim ridiculous things everyday why is this different?


hardisonthefloor t1_jdcpgdk wrote

You’re correct, people claim ridiculous shit every day, and I will ABSOLUTELY call them out on it as well.


booradly t1_jdcpyd5 wrote

Maybe its not so rediculous for her, maybe her life has been so shitty lately that this is the thing that brings her out of her funk. Even if its false, what if this was the thing that flipped her life around, is it so ridiculous then?


hardisonthefloor t1_jdcqhuf wrote

Yes it is 100% still ridiculous. If lying about growing new toes is what it takes to get you out of your funk, you have serious fucking mental issues.


booradly t1_jdcrx7g wrote



robzilla71173 t1_jdd7ij1 wrote

According to the news the toes were lost as a result of her estranged husband shooting her three times, leaving her pretty badly wounded and killing her friend. I suppose that sort of trauma could lead to some significant mental issues. And I'm no psychologist, but I'm also supposing that if you could convince yourself some aspect of that trauma had been healed for you, that might go a long way in aiding your mental well being. I'm not inclined to believe that the toes actually grew back, no. And yes, I understand the frustration at the church using this to further itself among sometimes gullible parishioners. But at the end of the day I guess I fall into the camp of people who just don't really care that much because I've got my own things going. If she wishes to dance a pirouette to show she's recovering from and regaining control of what does appear to have been a shitty time in her life, I'm not interested in robbing her of that. It's no crazier than things we all heard in church every week growing up.


booradly t1_jdd8lcq wrote

Thats my thoughts, I honestly feel bad for the lady mostly because now half the news networks in the area are going to be hounding her until she responds not to mention the individuals harassing her. Just leave her alone and let her be happy why do you all care so much honestly.


Anima_EB t1_jddqm8d wrote

If you don't want this don't lie and make ridclious claims.