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"It possible for someone who has been a life-long alcoholic to stop. It is possible for somebody who has a cutting tongue and a big mouth to stop. It is possible for someone who is engaged in homosexual behavior to stop." - JRC John Lindell

John Lindell told people to appeal against gay rights. HOW CAN A CHURCH TELL YOU HOW TO VOTE?!



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disturbed_beaver t1_jdch69h wrote

The authorities don't care. Churches have been telling people how to vote for 40 years and nothing has happened to them. They will never lose their tax exempt status because somehow the pigs are more equal than the rest of us.


ArtisticTomatillo106 t1_jdd7bsj wrote

Giving up means they won . Fuck that I sent in another complaint, everybody needs to check on power.


lochlainn t1_jdgpof6 wrote

40? That shit goes back to before the adoption of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire.


shavedcow t1_jdentk4 wrote

Also Josh Hawley is a guest speaker at one of their upcoming events.


Upper_Case_655 t1_jdffygd wrote

I’m atheist but, there isn’t much wrong with his statement unless it’s under the paywall you linked?


EndPedos0900 OP t1_jdfzjnj wrote

The link has a video, what I quoted was just the tip of the iceberg.


SansSheriff_MO t1_jdc43h8 wrote

They can’t. I think there’s a tax exempt complaint form where you can report it