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National_Season_3861 t1_jefmm8n wrote

Maven’s! Both Maylisa and Raven are wizards. It’s off of South Glenstone by the Walmart.


dyerfishin t1_jefxfa4 wrote

Mike cannaday at soul fire barber! Great place!


Fantastic_Mind_1386 t1_jegcj5n wrote

If you want a good men’s haircut without paying $40-$50 at a luxury place like Hudson Hawk go the the Brentwood Barbershop. The guys that own and operate it are veterans and have always given me the best haircuts. They’re super cool to talk to and have tons of repeat customers.


Zurion56 t1_jegdbj0 wrote

Misfits Barbershop is good too. $30 a cut.


SeabeeSeth3945 t1_jegey3i wrote

Brad dellingers shop is great. (They will also give you a beer)


Why_T t1_jegs6fe wrote

Dellinger’s Barber Shop.
Seriously the best haircut you can get. No gimmicks, no fads, just guys who love to cut hair.

I think he’s only charging like $25 right now.


therealdubdub1200 t1_jefzlzv wrote

If you're on the south side Jason at Zeus Room is great


Ogtrot t1_jeg1vxl wrote

Niko at the Hudson Hawk Downtown is amazing. I've used her for about two years. Solid atmosphere as well. And you get more space than some.places.


Ogtrot t1_jeg2i8j wrote

She has helped with very specific cow licks and always remembers what I like.


Lychcow t1_jegdda9 wrote

In the same spirit as Brentwood, I would give my endorsement to Wedgewood barbers.


GundleFly t1_jegprgm wrote

Walnut Street Barbershop, or Cooper’s Clippers.


Paul_Blano t1_jefw3yo wrote

I’ve heard good things about the Zeus Room, but I’m a peasant so I just go to great clips.


Meek_Money t1_jeg2cbz wrote

Dashfire is a new shop on republic road. T.J is the owner, awesome guy.

Similar to Hudson Hawk but better.