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00112358132135 t1_jdd9i49 wrote

Hey, don’t listen to people saying Good Day Farm or even Flora. Why are those bad? Because they only sell their own weed for the most part. They are anticompetitive in that they don’t sell other buds. Less choices there. Go to GDF and they’ll convince you to buy GDF.

Also there is a bud shortage in Springfield right now because rec hit and cleaned us out. You’ll mostly find meh buds in the shelf right now unless you know exactly what to look for.

I recommend Bloom, which sells a variety of bud, and their own called Field Trip, which isn’t that great if I ask me. Greenlight is ok but should be avoided, plenty of mids there and Greenlight or Gold brand is absolute trash.


OmniFella t1_jddayo7 wrote

Or perhaps try them all and find your favorite, rather than listen to someone telling you not to listen to anyone else.


00112358132135 t1_jddg56l wrote

Or perhaps don’t oversimplify what I’m saying. Which is, don’t trust GDF or Flora. It’s an opinion that was asked for by OP. Lol you’re neigh saying my neigh saying. Perhaps let someone decide for themselves?