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Hello fellow Springfieldians, I hope you are all well today. Now, as I'm sure everyone who is on the internet in any fashion is well aware, our world definitely needs some work. However, since this is a Springfield specific thread, I won't talk too much about that.

I will, however, talk about our local status. There are a lot of people who feel that our area doesn't have much to offer in terms of proper standard of living. Our rent is increasing, traffic is just as bad as ever, pot holes line all of our streets, our own local politics keep getting more and more divisive, and a general feeling of malaise is affecting us all. First, I want to let everyone know that we don't have to face any of this alone. We live in a community for a reason, and I think that everybody in our community start thinking about it. I think it would be incredible if we were able to start engaging with each other more and lifting each other up. But, I digress.

My main point is: do people feel like we should organize in some fashion? Everyday it feels like people understand that there is a lot wrong going on in our community and the country, but there hasn't been a real unifying cause to rally everybody. And because of this, we still have these crazy headlines that keep popping up day-to-day that could easily be addressed if people put the time in.

Now, in no way am I suggesting any sort of violence or disruptive actions, but more of a positive and communal way to let our voices be heard. Really, a lot of us have way more in common with each other than we do to the people who are in office. I earnestly think we as a community should make our concerns and demands known collectively. I have seen some amazing acts of community throughout my life in this area, so I know people are definitely capable of getting together for one cause. I truly do care about everyone in this community, even if we disagree on everything. Everybody matters, and I hope people can come to understand that sentiment someday.

I understand I sound naive, and I might just very well be. But I believe that people can always come together when it is rough and truly cause enough significant change together. "We, the people,..." as our constitution so rightfully states really hits home on this point. If a bunch of colonists and peasants can gain their independence from the world's strongest country in the 18th century, then certainly a group of citizens can help people around the community and demand change for ourselves. I truly hope everybody who reads this takes some time to help someone you see today, help make the world a little more bright together.

Solidarity Forever



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Upper_Case_655 t1_jddpdiu wrote

I’m interested in joining other to combat the Patriot Front presence in the Springfield area.


Miserable_Figure7876 t1_jddte9n wrote

We absolutely need to organize! One of Springfield's biggest problems is that right wingers have gotten organized and they've taken over the school board under the guise of "focusing on academics", and they'll do the same to City Council if they can. We need to get together and organize, just so reasonable people get a voice.


tuhboggen t1_jdidfth wrote

It’s happening in this upcoming election.


LiathWolf t1_jdemybs wrote

"biggest problems"? Nice. Do you even have kids in school or do you kill them all in the womb?


armenia4ever t1_jddy3r0 wrote

"Right wingers" tend to have more kids overall and don't usually abort them , so of course they have interest in the school board and what's actually taught.

City council is much more nuanced, but when you create an enemy and keep attacking them, you also prompt them to get their shit together and organize - so congrats.

The "left wing" groups here fight each other alot. If you aren't 100% on board, you're an enemy now. If you support LGBTQ, but don't think your kids should be given hormone blockers and "gender affirming care", you're out.

Diversity of thought isn't apparently allowed.This is why you lose.


pussy_marxist t1_jde01e4 wrote

Found the right winger


armenia4ever t1_jde27sa wrote

I prefer working class semi-marxist sympathizer who aligns alot with r/stupidpol


pussy_marxist t1_jde2c6n wrote

Nazbols. You prefer nazbols.


armenia4ever t1_jde31ws wrote

I prefer not to make intersectionality and systematic structural oppression via identity their own gods that i must worship and consistently repent for my sins "privilege" and do "penance" allyship as confession. That's a religion thats just too far of a stretch for me.


pussy_marxist t1_jdeavyr wrote

The only place where you have to genuflect before an altar of “intersectionality” is in the fevered imaginations of right wing grifters and the minds of a few overeager college freshmen.

Most of us “semi-Marxist” types emphasize class, yes, but we’re also aware that racial and gender-related issues stem from but are not 100% reducible thereto.

I used to go on r/stupidpol. I left when it went from broadly left-wing, good-faith criticism of neoliberal identitarianism to full-on cryptoreaction. If you’re not already a Crayzone-style cryptofascist, I would suggest you follow suit unless you want brainworms.


ProgressMom68 t1_jdipl53 wrote

Who is making you give your kids gender affirming care? The whole point is that it’s a personal decision that the government shouldn’t get involved with. I thought you people were all about that.


RollOutTheGuillotine t1_jdoqhgl wrote

Yo whatssup, I'm a dad. I'm trans. I know trans kids. Trans kids are SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to consider or commit suicide with the healthcare they need. You know, the healthcare that every medically affiliated organization in the nation says saves lives. Which is blockers and HRT.

Also we aren't forcing anyone to give their kids HRT or blockers, dingus.


trashchan333 t1_jddn026 wrote

We will never be able to organize as long as everybody has to keep working two or more jobs just to survive. I agree with you though


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddn9vc wrote

Well, maybe we can take a page outta France's book right now, js 🤷‍♂️

But for real, I definitely understand being engaged in multiple jobs that take all of your time. Maybe you can start by educating your co-workers about organizing and sticking together?


SansSheriff_MO t1_jddpv6v wrote

Just a thought, but if you're in this situation, do you see it being helpful if a group of organizers provided newsletters, alternative/virtual meeting options and dates, using "shifts" for protests/actions, etc?


trashchan333 t1_jddt8sk wrote

I think it would be helpful for sure. Another thing is a lot of the time these meetings/protests are on Saturdays and a lot of service workers always work on saturdays.


ProgressMom68 t1_jddq97q wrote

Sadly, yes, you are naive. I’ve lived here for 16 years and I’ve learned a few things about trying to organize in this city.

First, the liberal/progressive community is tiny and full of cliques and infighting.

Second, the Chamber of Commerce owns the City Council. You will never be able to get them to do anything for anyone except businesses. I’m serious. The CoC hand picks and funds the majority of candidates.

Third, there is a ton of duplication of effort in organizing. Everyone has their own project and a lot of times people are working at cross-purposes.

Fourth, you run a high chance of being slandered, fired, having your property vandalized, experiencing harassment, etc., if you piss off the wrong people and you have to be ready for that.

I wish it was different but that’s the way it is. The only hope for this city is massive demographic change but that kind of thing takes a long time. I noped out of community organizing a year ago. I still help with some small projects but I learned my lesson about trying to make change in this town a long time ago.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddsdof wrote

Well, I definitely appreciate your honesty about this. Your first point is something I've thought about a lot recently. I honestly think people just need a reframing of the issue between others. I don't think we should focus so much on the left v. right aspect of the common people, it should more fall on the us v. them mentally in regards to class. Working class as opposed to ruling class. Maybe that's the first step that's needed for a more effective change


Anna-Belly t1_jdfweah wrote

Good luck on that "demographic change" when y'all ran Black people out in the early 1900s to the point they fled to the Bootheel and never came back.


SansSheriff_MO t1_jddpcf7 wrote

I'm with you! It seems like there are a few groups in the area that are either trying to get a foothold or have just never seen big membership numbers. It would be great to build a coalition of all of these groups to organize serious action. Places like the GLO Center, Connecting Grounds, Eden Village, PFLAG, PSL, DSA, etc.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddrmal wrote

Do you think reaching out to all of these organizations and get them together would make the greatest change? I really think if people were to all work together in this aspect it would definitely be a great start


FasterDoudle t1_jdjf13f wrote

The others you listed are all great places to donate your time or money- but avoid the PSL like the plague, it's basically just multi level marketing for tankies


Second-Stage-Panda t1_jddkmtu wrote

I’m with you on this entirely. There is a local Food, Not Bombs group that I kinda do wish was more active but it’s nice that they are around. If there’s any more local non profit community services in Springfield I’d like to know about them. It’s just hard for everyone to get together sometimes though because we all have lives we have to take care of but I’m always down to support certain causes and do what I can on my end.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddmzgu wrote

The Drew Lewis foundation is pretty interesting, they provide low-income residents an affordable option to start home-ownership, as well as other aspects to the community.

I definitely understand the sentiment that people have their lives to take care of, I just want to know what the limit is for people before they feel like they have nothing left to lose. I know that's morbid, but I want to try and help people before something like that happens


armenia4ever t1_jde4ik0 wrote

And they also appear pretty non-partisan. You could get a variety of people from all over the spectrum to give it a glance.


Marqueso-burrito t1_jdem7wu wrote

Traffic? In springfield? It takes like 20 minutes to get across town at rush hour


OBS_9560 t1_jdg9vr3 wrote

I constantly hear from coworkers that have moved here from any big city how traffic isn't a problem. They are always saying how easy everything is here in Springfield.


Elixir_of_QinHuang t1_jdf8gqx wrote

It would be a lot quicker if they just widened the major corridors.


Marqueso-burrito t1_jdf8me4 wrote

Why? Most major veins are already 4 lane roads.


Elixir_of_QinHuang t1_jdf9y19 wrote

It never hurts to have an extra lane. You can fit more cars on the road that way, makes the lines shorter


Marqueso-burrito t1_jdg909b wrote

To me that just sounds like unnecessary infrastructure, they should focus on making our current roads better (condition wise) and if people really wanna get organized? They should learn how to drive. My insurance is $295 dollars a month, no cool car, one accident on record which is listed as an act of god. My agent told me the reason mine is particularly high is because I’m a young driver and I live in springfield missouri. I’m from a city with 3-4 times the population, and even then I’ve seen as many accidents in 4 years here than I had in 16 years there.


malevolentk t1_jdfsqy9 wrote

There might be a local group that is already forming… ahem


NotBatman81 t1_jdjtr0y wrote

It's called the third place. Your first place is your home amd work is your second place. Your third place is where you go outside of those to belong. Church, bowling league, trivia night, etc.

The issue is people are on their damn phones too much and becoming shutins.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jdjx6os wrote

I totally agree! I think people need a lot more community in their lives and it is exceedingly hard to do so in today's world. I really hope people can help each other out and present new opportunities for others


NotBatman81 t1_jdjxfe0 wrote

There is plenty out there to do, people just have to get of the TikTok and be present.


throwawayinnotime t1_jdpj8sd wrote

You would do well to organize this thing off-internet. For every normal person on Reddit, there's 50 basement-dwellers who think Antifa is a good group and that Patriot Front is a sizable Nazi force completely overtaking the city....And that blocking roads to make people late for work or die on their way to the hospital is a great way to rally the community to your crappy group of hypocritical ideology.

What you are suggesting would work for everyday people who treat trans people like people, but don't bend over backwards into idiocy to accommodate them in order to virtue signal...or people who can have healthy disagreements on current/former government policies without demonizing the other side. Or people who, instead of screaming for a need for government resources for the homeless, would instinctively know that THOSE resources require their OWN resources.

What you are looking for are casual, everyday left-wingers/right-wingers/straight/gay/black/white/Atheist/Christian people.

These people largely don't exist on Reddit as a whole, but I'm in full agreement with you and your proposal.


elaborate_hoxha t1_jdg3gys wrote

Get involved with local and state ballot initiatives or start one yourself. Over 60% of MO voters voted to shoot down “Right to Work” a few years ago. 53% voted to legalize cannabis. Etc.

Vetting progressive candidates, knocking doors for them (very important) and getting them elected is the only way to stop the stranglehold that CoC has on the city. It takes hard work but you can win.

A good way to get the chops for it is joining or getting active in your union and if you can’t do that you can get good campaign training and experience working with Jobs with Justice. They’re great. Do the work, keep going.

Someone already mentioned several affinity groups that are interested in the very same things OP mentioned. These are the like minded folks you want to build relationships with and work with. Then keep going.


SmellslikeBongWater t1_jdf7pww wrote

I think a lot of people would be interested in organizing if it didn't get political. It is majority conservative around here, but that doesn't mean everyone of them is some Patriot front science denier. A lot of the progressive and liberal groups/people around here shoot themselves in the foot because they want to do good for the community and at the same time spout rhetoric about how conservatives are evil and racist when conservatives are like 60 percent of the community. Some of them absolutely are vile, but it's not all or even the majority of them. You can't garner support from the community when you lump the majority of them in with some crappy vocal minority groups.


Longjumping-Ice-8814 t1_jdflycu wrote

Having a somewhat “United Way” type program in the area could be really great. On the grounds of unity alone, I would love to volunteer for an organization such as this. And when I say “United Way”, I just mean the main goal of having an organization that exists to make the connections between the people and the various organizations. I’m in for that.


sgfjb t1_jdfwy99 wrote

Like “United Way of the Ozarks?” Or Community Partnership of the Ozarks? Or Community Foundation of the Ozarks? Or like previously mentioned Drew Lewis Foundation?

Seriously, I think the best thing we all can do is find an existing organization like these with a program that addresses a cause your passionate about and get involved. And then get super involved and learn to advocate for that program’s expansion and access to more grants and community coordination. Trying to organize without an incredibly specific cause is a recipe for in-fighting and accomplishing nothing- which is exactly why our current political parties suck.


Longjumping-Ice-8814 t1_jdfyl0o wrote

I feel your frustration. 🥴

Honestly, I’m a member of a few community organizations, and I think a fresh new push on bringing those organizations closer together would be nice. And I agree that if we organized more effectively, we could change the political scene in the area. I would also say that there’s many people who haven’t gotten back out into the community after the worst of covid times, and I applaud OPs attempt to call to action.

I’m not deeply familiar with united way…I just remember hearing that they are the type of organization that works to bring charitable organizations together and help make connections there. With that being said, I have not heard a thing about them being active here, but I’ll look into that.


MidwestMoron2013 t1_jdg6di0 wrote

Ken McClure is a boozehound and a shit mayor. Let’s vote him out


ProgressMom68 t1_jdip687 wrote

How can he be a shit mayor? He literally has no more or less power than anyone on the city council. I don’t think he even votes unless there’s a tie.


[deleted] t1_jddxoj6 wrote



PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jde687d wrote

I understand the sentiment you're trying to get across. I definitely do vote, and I encourage every citizen that can to do so as well. However, we can't wait for every election cycle to maybe pass a small, select, few amendments or bills, when all of our problems keep getting worse every single day. I will continue to keep voting for the change I want, but I also encourage you to see if there are any organizations or non-profits that you could invest your time into as well!

Solidarity forever