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Second-Stage-Panda t1_jddkmtu wrote

I’m with you on this entirely. There is a local Food, Not Bombs group that I kinda do wish was more active but it’s nice that they are around. If there’s any more local non profit community services in Springfield I’d like to know about them. It’s just hard for everyone to get together sometimes though because we all have lives we have to take care of but I’m always down to support certain causes and do what I can on my end.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddmzgu wrote

The Drew Lewis foundation is pretty interesting, they provide low-income residents an affordable option to start home-ownership, as well as other aspects to the community.

I definitely understand the sentiment that people have their lives to take care of, I just want to know what the limit is for people before they feel like they have nothing left to lose. I know that's morbid, but I want to try and help people before something like that happens


armenia4ever t1_jde4ik0 wrote

And they also appear pretty non-partisan. You could get a variety of people from all over the spectrum to give it a glance.