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SansSheriff_MO t1_jddpcf7 wrote

I'm with you! It seems like there are a few groups in the area that are either trying to get a foothold or have just never seen big membership numbers. It would be great to build a coalition of all of these groups to organize serious action. Places like the GLO Center, Connecting Grounds, Eden Village, PFLAG, PSL, DSA, etc.


PossibleReporter6873 OP t1_jddrmal wrote

Do you think reaching out to all of these organizations and get them together would make the greatest change? I really think if people were to all work together in this aspect it would definitely be a great start


FasterDoudle t1_jdjf13f wrote

The others you listed are all great places to donate your time or money- but avoid the PSL like the plague, it's basically just multi level marketing for tankies