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armenia4ever t1_jde31ws wrote

I prefer not to make intersectionality and systematic structural oppression via identity their own gods that i must worship and consistently repent for my sins "privilege" and do "penance" allyship as confession. That's a religion thats just too far of a stretch for me.


pussy_marxist t1_jdeavyr wrote

The only place where you have to genuflect before an altar of “intersectionality” is in the fevered imaginations of right wing grifters and the minds of a few overeager college freshmen.

Most of us “semi-Marxist” types emphasize class, yes, but we’re also aware that racial and gender-related issues stem from but are not 100% reducible thereto.

I used to go on r/stupidpol. I left when it went from broadly left-wing, good-faith criticism of neoliberal identitarianism to full-on cryptoreaction. If you’re not already a Crayzone-style cryptofascist, I would suggest you follow suit unless you want brainworms.