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Marqueso-burrito t1_jdf8me4 wrote

Why? Most major veins are already 4 lane roads.


Elixir_of_QinHuang t1_jdf9y19 wrote

It never hurts to have an extra lane. You can fit more cars on the road that way, makes the lines shorter


Marqueso-burrito t1_jdg909b wrote

To me that just sounds like unnecessary infrastructure, they should focus on making our current roads better (condition wise) and if people really wanna get organized? They should learn how to drive. My insurance is $295 dollars a month, no cool car, one accident on record which is listed as an act of god. My agent told me the reason mine is particularly high is because I’m a young driver and I live in springfield missouri. I’m from a city with 3-4 times the population, and even then I’ve seen as many accidents in 4 years here than I had in 16 years there.