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elaborate_hoxha t1_jdg3gys wrote

Get involved with local and state ballot initiatives or start one yourself. Over 60% of MO voters voted to shoot down “Right to Work” a few years ago. 53% voted to legalize cannabis. Etc.

Vetting progressive candidates, knocking doors for them (very important) and getting them elected is the only way to stop the stranglehold that CoC has on the city. It takes hard work but you can win.

A good way to get the chops for it is joining or getting active in your union and if you can’t do that you can get good campaign training and experience working with Jobs with Justice. They’re great. Do the work, keep going.

Someone already mentioned several affinity groups that are interested in the very same things OP mentioned. These are the like minded folks you want to build relationships with and work with. Then keep going.