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throwawayinnotime t1_jdpj8sd wrote

You would do well to organize this thing off-internet. For every normal person on Reddit, there's 50 basement-dwellers who think Antifa is a good group and that Patriot Front is a sizable Nazi force completely overtaking the city....And that blocking roads to make people late for work or die on their way to the hospital is a great way to rally the community to your crappy group of hypocritical ideology.

What you are suggesting would work for everyday people who treat trans people like people, but don't bend over backwards into idiocy to accommodate them in order to virtue signal...or people who can have healthy disagreements on current/former government policies without demonizing the other side. Or people who, instead of screaming for a need for government resources for the homeless, would instinctively know that THOSE resources require their OWN resources.

What you are looking for are casual, everyday left-wingers/right-wingers/straight/gay/black/white/Atheist/Christian people.

These people largely don't exist on Reddit as a whole, but I'm in full agreement with you and your proposal.