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Temporary-Product928 t1_iqot97r wrote

I've been gone from Springfield for ages and I knew this was at Missouri Neon Sign on Kearney when I saw it. That stretch of Kearney between West Bypass and Kansas is a foundational memory for me. Christ, that set off nostalgia I didn't know I had.

Oh, right, you're getting Whataburger now, that's cool too


Cloud_Disconnected t1_iqp99y0 wrote

We got Dunkin back. Now we're getting Whataburger back. All we need now is Baskin Robbin's and A&W again.


Pragmatist203 t1_iqpaemc wrote

Toss Jack in the Box, and you'll have a full set of been there, done that 40 years ago.


mutantxproud t1_iqprwq6 wrote

The Baskin-Robbins is going in on Glenstone where Cartoons was yeah?


Cloud_Disconnected t1_iqpui1e wrote

Oh, I didn't know there was one coming in, that's cool. I just mentioned it because the ones we had here closed back in the 90s.


benutne t1_iqsz7y1 wrote

No, that is the Dunkin'


Status-Ad-9729 t1_iqsfgv9 wrote

Baskin Robbins is in republic. It's a combo store with dunkin donuts


garcia_later t1_iqp0vo8 wrote

Change that to an A frame orange and white roof asap


Baku7en t1_iqosmhk wrote

Where at?


jake753 t1_iqowv2u wrote

Next to Taco Bell on West Sunshine.


Zreidm t1_iqpovaz wrote

There's also one going in at Kearney and Glenstone


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_iqrdy7k wrote

And one in Republic - pretty sure that’s the one on track to be finished first, they’ve almost completed building it.


Condom-Ad-Don-Draper t1_iqpa800 wrote

So glad my family lives close. Can’t wait to travel to Springfield and wait in line for an hour. No /s. Haven’t had this chain in a decade!


Illustrious-Leave406 t1_iqp2nhk wrote

They are wonderful.


Fizzeek t1_iqpx99n wrote

I got some of their spicy ketchup at Walmart. They had a whole selection of Whataburger condiments.


UnnamedCzech t1_iqpkaac wrote

Just what Springfield needed… more fast food.


ArtManely7224 t1_iqwkpfk wrote

wake me up when we get an In-N-Out Burger.


Digital-Latte t1_isr6smx wrote

Looks like I picked a good time to move back to Springfield.


tc65681 t1_iqofhck wrote

Meh. The burgers are average. Wasn't really impressed.


EcoAffinity t1_iqokkse wrote

Yeah, greasy and nothing too special was my thoughts the few times I've had it. I'd take Culver's or Braum's of the local fast food available.


CraziestPenguin t1_iqonwww wrote

Braums is criminally underrated


RedBlack1978 t1_iqoqukk wrote

i love the Jalapeno pepper jack burger, i get that pretty much any time we go there! the limeade is usually pretty great too!


JKulp42757 t1_iqwhbt6 wrote

Especially so when you consider the prices...overall cheaper combo meals than McDonalds, Wendys, BK, etc... (and you can get small shake for same price instead of a drink)


Digital-Latte t1_isr6xu9 wrote

Braums burgers are great but their fries are terrible.


CraziestPenguin t1_isr9b09 wrote

The new Braums sauce helps a lot, but they leave a lot to be desired. With that said though it’s still better than In n Out fries.


stone500 t1_iqqopl2 wrote

Yeah I don't get the hype, honestly. Tasted like Sonic to me


MiwestGirl t1_iqrrg32 wrote

Yeah. I’m not a fan myself. Good description.


CraziestPenguin t1_iqonvm9 wrote

Only thing more overrated on this planet is In N Out


ehoneygut t1_iqoo2pb wrote

How can you be so right about Braums, but so wrong about this.


CraziestPenguin t1_iqoow25 wrote

In N Out is so bland. Their fries are borderline inedible. Even animal style can’t save it. I will say though that their pricing is excellent.


EcoAffinity t1_iqoqcx9 wrote

See, nothing tops In N Out for me. Fresh burgers with crisp, fresh toppings. Exactly what I want a burger to be. And I love the fries for their simplicity. But I know the fries are the weakest spot for majority others.


Ganrokh t1_iqordwp wrote

Having finally gotten to try In N Out a few years ago in California, I also noted that their combo prices were almost half of the price as the competition. Very good burger for the price. No idea if they're still comparable now.


FasterDoudle t1_iqp6nuk wrote

Nah, they're absolutely right. In-N-Out is possibly the most overrated burger on the planet. It's not actively bad, but it is aggressively mid. It got so popular because it's cheap and California's expensive, not because their food is anything worth writing home about.


discodeathsquad t1_iqop1o0 wrote

I've had several encounters at In N Out and didn't see what the hype was about. I'm a checkers man myself. Or white castle.


Dont_Do_Drama t1_iqow1if wrote

Oh thank god someone else thinks these two chains are overrated


Dbol504 t1_iqp1uqg wrote

Why so excited about this when we have a Braums on every other corner in the city and it is far superior?