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ehoneygut t1_iqoo2pb wrote

How can you be so right about Braums, but so wrong about this.


CraziestPenguin t1_iqoow25 wrote

In N Out is so bland. Their fries are borderline inedible. Even animal style can’t save it. I will say though that their pricing is excellent.


EcoAffinity t1_iqoqcx9 wrote

See, nothing tops In N Out for me. Fresh burgers with crisp, fresh toppings. Exactly what I want a burger to be. And I love the fries for their simplicity. But I know the fries are the weakest spot for majority others.


Ganrokh t1_iqordwp wrote

Having finally gotten to try In N Out a few years ago in California, I also noted that their combo prices were almost half of the price as the competition. Very good burger for the price. No idea if they're still comparable now.


FasterDoudle t1_iqp6nuk wrote

Nah, they're absolutely right. In-N-Out is possibly the most overrated burger on the planet. It's not actively bad, but it is aggressively mid. It got so popular because it's cheap and California's expensive, not because their food is anything worth writing home about.