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velvetlowe t1_iqsi339 wrote

Markwood apartments by Wooten. Mine is a 2br and under 700 but it's pretty mediocre.


iGGlass t1_iqsn3os wrote

I'm sure you've heard this but Wooten is absolute garbage, if you ever need anything from them good luck. My apartment flooded with 4 inches of sewage and they fought to make me keep living there, they didn't even want to clean it.


sudds65 t1_iqw7gez wrote

For real... Don't live at Wooten properties. Don't want to give myself away, but I ended up having to sue them for multiple federal violations (including an illegal eviction while I was away with the military and they were paid). 5 years on, and one of their law firms is finally settling.


velvetlowe t1_iqsxtzx wrote

Oh hell I haven't heard that, thank you for letting me know


RedBlack1978 t1_iqw11dq wrote

Can Confirm, Wooten Co's upper management are mostly A-Holes. they also went through 7 or so different property managers within the 3 years we lived at one of their properties and a good few of them were also real jerks or seemed like they didnt know their tail from a hole in the ground. Also they make promises they dont keep and try to fight you on any maintenance to be had. among many other things that i just dont have the time to mention right now.


Th3P3rf3ctPlanz t1_iqw5x62 wrote

Also can confirm. Wooten Co is garbage. Lived at Lakewood Village for a couple years. The property managers name was Doug and whheeewww. What a piece of work.


RedBlack1978 t1_ir0f1p5 wrote

i know there are many Doug's, but did this guy have a creepy mr. rogers vibe? i think i remember our first manager being named Doug but could be mistaken on that too.


Th3P3rf3ctPlanz t1_ir0lyhn wrote

Sounds like him. Very mono tone and just off putting. Pretty arrogant. We left in November 2018. I think he took over in 2017.


Kingjakers t1_iqt0k3q wrote

Old Monterey if ur credit sucks like mine


BeerChemistWhiskey t1_iqtmd37 wrote

I lived there in college. Interested if they still have free gas utilities?


Kingjakers t1_iqvsjo6 wrote

Yeah they pay gas, sewer water and trash. You have to pay electric still


Restelly-Quist t1_iqtb4ka wrote

There are several here, I lease with them (2br house for $660). They’ve been great!


ErisEpicene t1_iqtxmax wrote

I can second At Home Here being pretty good management. I'm at one of their more expensive properties, but they've always been super responsive to their online maintenance portal and calls. And they most just leave us the fuck alone, which is more than I can say for the private landlords and government agencies I have rented from.


FlyWhiteGuyActual t1_iqx0erj wrote

please tell me you're not just astroturfing for them this sounds like heaven.


ErisEpicene t1_iqy52ub wrote

Nope. I mean no company is perfect. I do pay 1k/mo and could pay less to be in another location with a comparable apartment (but I love where I live). And they rushed some of the renovations to try to get students in. But they promptly fixed any issues more than cosmetic that the rush left us. We have basement laundry, but the basement renovation was a bit of a mess that had the laundry out of order for months. Like I said, not perfect, but still the nicest place I've ever lived.


deborah_jai t1_iqtnywk wrote

Primrose Circle behind Red Robin should be in the $600-650 range for a two bed.


Spiritual_Dentist_54 t1_iqu1hqr wrote

I haven’t checked in awhile, but The Greens were much lower than that when I lived there.


ManlyVanLee t1_iqwc3bb wrote

Park Place Apartments are on the South side of town and close to all sorts of stuff. They are pretty cheap, I think going for maybe $600 for a 1 bedroom and a bit more for 2

The caveat is they aren't exactly the quietest apartments... you'll likely hear every little whisper your neighbor makes and they aren't new by any stretch of the imagination. But I lived there for a few years when I was younger and poor as shit and it was great to have my own place. I have fond memories of there despite any negatives


Lumpy-Industry5861 t1_iqwsds7 wrote

Stay away from Hunter Property Management they will charge you for anything and won't work a oayment plan.


cloveall15 t1_iqwmkzn wrote

I have a room that’s open


Meow_meow417 t1_ir1rpdw wrote

I have a room for rent if you are interested. It’s 549 a month everything included.


helloporator t1_ir3sjeu wrote

My friend was living in a pretty nice 1bd at the greens for about $600 earlier this year. Kind of small but it was clean and she had no complaints about living there. The bathroom and kitchen specifically were nice