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Punnchy t1_irw8745 wrote

Valium pill, shave the landscape, sit in a chair, Dr. Will Maybe chat with you about random shit. Snip snip, don't do anything with it but pee a few days, and it's reversible. Good job. You're respecting womens bodies by modifying your own and way lower spawnling chance.


[deleted] OP t1_irw8ggr wrote

Not to mention it's a great excuse to spend a weekend on the couch taking it easy.


robzilla71173 t1_irwnatr wrote

Although it's technically reversible, pregnancy rates after vasectomy reversals are not very high. So make sure you're through having kids and make sure your partner is involved in the decision as well.


[deleted] OP t1_irx2ly6 wrote

This is a good point. Like my doctor said, you should consider a vasectomy a permanent thing.


Maria_in_Medellin t1_irwuo5s wrote

just curious how this is "respecting women's bodies"... ?

sounds simpy


flojo2012 t1_irwwm3e wrote

It shows that a man is willing to go through a procedure in order to prevent her from having an unwanted pregnancy, one that she will be forced to carry to term. That said, it’s really only respecting bodies if you know you won’t want a baby in the future.

If you get a vasectomy to show a girl you respect her body regardless of your own wishes, that could be “simpy”. Though that term is stupid in its own right.


Punnchy t1_irx4uk3 wrote

Just curious? okay then you'll take my response as my truth and your acceptance is expected to it as I give. The use of simpy leads me to think you're not interested in learning as well, but here we go. Societally speaking it's always been on the woman to provide the birth control and the man to simply wear a condom. With the shitty reversal of women's rights to their own body, it's simple. If women are going to be restricted in their ability to deal with the possibility of pregnancy the way they have been since the establishment of such things; then it's up to the other party to step up and do more to prevent such scenarios.