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BlueCoatYellowBoots t1_irwr5lc wrote

Please elaborate on how the procedure sucked. I'm staring down an appointment coming up and I want to be fully prepared for what's going to happen to me.


MikeBuckets171 t1_irwvfo0 wrote

The incision wasn’t bad. The part that sucked is when they had to grab the tubes, the “vas deferens”. It felt like somebody grabbed the inner workings of my balls.

Narrator: “They did.”

I actually yelled 😂So those 30 seconds were unbearable but I was a lot better once they were able to get the vas deferens numbed. The rest was painful but I was able to hold a conversation with my doctor.


[deleted] OP t1_irwxk29 wrote

I will agree, that part is the most painful part of it all. To me it felt like the hardest kick to the balls I've had. It only lasted a short time for me. I was uncomfortable at times during the recovery but nothing too terrible. I'm sorry you had such a rough go.


MikeBuckets171 t1_irwysxm wrote

Definitely the worse thing my balls have ever been through. But hey, I’ve heard some real vasectomy horror stories! It certainly could be a lot worse. And now, we’re blank shootin’ brothers. 😂


pssssn t1_irwzwlz wrote

I did not have as much pain as /u/MikeBuckets171 did. I felt moderate pressure instead of pain. Overall it wasn't that bad, I've had worse experiences getting cavities filled. I think the worst part of it is the mental aspect of another person carving on your nuts.

I did however go home and immediately look at my incision, get woozy, and fall through the shower door. I suggest sitting down if you want to take a look at the doctor's handiwork.


[deleted] OP t1_irx4onp wrote

Did your doc show you the portion of the vans deferens that he cut out? Mine did and I did not enjoy it. I trust you doc, you don't need to show me your work.


Punnchy t1_irx908h wrote

For me it was the doc going ya wanna see what I removed? Me:.... Doc shows me anyway


_ism_ t1_irxk0ar wrote

My gyno showed me my old IUD without asking first when I got mine replaced. Wtf docs