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[deleted] OP t1_irw29ti wrote

A vasectomy is one of the easiest procedures to get and recover from. At the price of free this is a no brainer if you know you don't want kids.


Punnchy t1_irw8745 wrote

Valium pill, shave the landscape, sit in a chair, Dr. Will Maybe chat with you about random shit. Snip snip, don't do anything with it but pee a few days, and it's reversible. Good job. You're respecting womens bodies by modifying your own and way lower spawnling chance.


RockemChalkemRobot t1_irwdn8t wrote

What does the procedure cost? Having insurance and being able to do anything with it are different universes.


[deleted] OP t1_irwg8lb wrote

I only had to pay two office visit co-pays. One for the consultation and one for the procedure. About $80 total for me. But if Mercy is your in network hospital you'll run into trouble because they don't do vasectomies, I've been told.


MikeBuckets171 t1_irwirsz wrote

Just got a vasectomy a couple of weeks ago. I won’t sugar coat it like other people, procedure sucked, it was a long 15 mins, but the doctor was cool, and we talked the whole time. Recovery can be a painful couple of weeks but frozen peas are your best friend! I’m still not fully recovered as I still get sore towards the end of the day, but I am making great progress! If you don’t want to have kids, the procedure is worth it!

EDIT: For people not taking advantage of the free event, my procedure was with Alex Henderson with Cox Urology at Ferrell Duncan. He was great! Made the experience as easy as he could 😂


robzilla71173 t1_irwnatr wrote

Although it's technically reversible, pregnancy rates after vasectomy reversals are not very high. So make sure you're through having kids and make sure your partner is involved in the decision as well.


Stat63 t1_irwskqo wrote

You are correct, Mercy doesn’t perform them and outsources to a clinic that doesn’t accept insurance…out of pocket only. Luckily I can go to either Mercy or Cox and have my procedure booked for December. Merry Xmas to me!


MikeBuckets171 t1_irwvfo0 wrote

The incision wasn’t bad. The part that sucked is when they had to grab the tubes, the “vas deferens”. It felt like somebody grabbed the inner workings of my balls.

Narrator: “They did.”

I actually yelled 😂So those 30 seconds were unbearable but I was a lot better once they were able to get the vas deferens numbed. The rest was painful but I was able to hold a conversation with my doctor.


flojo2012 t1_irwwm3e wrote

It shows that a man is willing to go through a procedure in order to prevent her from having an unwanted pregnancy, one that she will be forced to carry to term. That said, it’s really only respecting bodies if you know you won’t want a baby in the future.

If you get a vasectomy to show a girl you respect her body regardless of your own wishes, that could be “simpy”. Though that term is stupid in its own right.


[deleted] OP t1_irwxk29 wrote

I will agree, that part is the most painful part of it all. To me it felt like the hardest kick to the balls I've had. It only lasted a short time for me. I was uncomfortable at times during the recovery but nothing too terrible. I'm sorry you had such a rough go.


MikeBuckets171 t1_irwysxm wrote

Definitely the worse thing my balls have ever been through. But hey, I’ve heard some real vasectomy horror stories! It certainly could be a lot worse. And now, we’re blank shootin’ brothers. 😂


Sunny_Day9127 t1_irwzftl wrote

Everyone in this conversation just got 10x hotter 🥵🥵🥵🥵


pssssn t1_irwzwlz wrote

I did not have as much pain as /u/MikeBuckets171 did. I felt moderate pressure instead of pain. Overall it wasn't that bad, I've had worse experiences getting cavities filled. I think the worst part of it is the mental aspect of another person carving on your nuts.

I did however go home and immediately look at my incision, get woozy, and fall through the shower door. I suggest sitting down if you want to take a look at the doctor's handiwork.


ProgressMom68 t1_irx33c1 wrote

If the world were a just place, all the evangelicals in town would be lining up for this.


blitzalchemy t1_irx3ht9 wrote

I believe although Mercy insurances are out of network for Cox, cox urology clinic has a contract exception to have in network benefits for urology and vasectony services. I could be wrong about that though.


[deleted] OP t1_irx4onp wrote

Did your doc show you the portion of the vans deferens that he cut out? Mine did and I did not enjoy it. I trust you doc, you don't need to show me your work.


Punnchy t1_irx4uk3 wrote

Just curious? okay then you'll take my response as my truth and your acceptance is expected to it as I give. The use of simpy leads me to think you're not interested in learning as well, but here we go. Societally speaking it's always been on the woman to provide the birth control and the man to simply wear a condom. With the shitty reversal of women's rights to their own body, it's simple. If women are going to be restricted in their ability to deal with the possibility of pregnancy the way they have been since the establishment of such things; then it's up to the other party to step up and do more to prevent such scenarios.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_irx9eah wrote

You're not allowed to joke about vasectomies on Reddit, they are painless, 100% reversible, and there are no possible complications. Also, infant circumcision is a human rights violation, cars are evil, children are crotch goblins and literally the devil, all Christians are illiterate Trump supporters, Pitbulls are "nanny dogs" or "pibbles" and are less dangerous than Chihuahuas, and there are absolutely no health or societal risks involved with smoking weed. In short, all issues are completely black and white and have a clear right and wrong answer. Fuck cars, ACAB, where's the Tylenol.


_ism_ t1_irxa6ti wrote

Only the ones with a vas to snip. The poors also consist of uterus-havers but we must remain submissive and breedable.



420shaken t1_irxbjtx wrote

I didn't have the recovery issues that the OP had. Went home after the Dr burnt some man spaghetti, took it easy for the rest of the weekend, and went back to work Monday morning.

Edit: not OP, sorry. u/mikebuckets171


SmellslikeBongWater t1_irxdkqd wrote

Real shit??!? I lost my insurance in June when I went part time for school and out this idea on the back burner. I am definitely gonna try and get in for this.


turbulance4 t1_iry6lmm wrote

Planed Parenthood is covering it? Does this somehow save them money ultimately?

Not knocking it, just curious.


Great-Bratton t1_irydrgd wrote

I also recently went through this procedure recently, at the SGF Planned Parenthood location. I’m happy to answer any questions y’all have!


ProGlizzyHandler t1_irynf5w wrote

Yep. My doc worked for mercy but did vasectomies at a non-mercy clinic on the weekends. $1100 wasn't bad. They gave me the insurance forms in case I wanted to try to make a claim. 10 minutes of looking at that was all it took to decide my sanity was worth more than anything insurance would potentially cover.

Since you're getting your procedure soon, go buy some bags of frozen corn or pees. No joke, they're much nicer on the boys. They settled around everything better and don't have that "oh fuck this is so cold" intensity you get from a normal ice pack.


EnlightenedReplay t1_iryqe9u wrote

Dang, I'm sorry yours was a challenge. I'm just chiming in here with a positive experience to balance out the spectrum of results as I'm sure everyone's mileage varies. I had my procedure in Sept of 2019 on a Friday and did the Greek festival and a Mother's Brewing festival the same weekend. Frozen veggies are your friend. Short walks and minimal lifting were fine.

The procedure was awkward, but they gave me a chill pill (volume maybe, I don't remember?) of some sort ahead of time and I was fine. Only ibuprofen following the procedure.

Recovery was a few weeks of abstinence followed by doctor-prescribed masturbation and condoms to "clear the pipes". DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! It took a few months for my swimmers to clear out, so make sure you stay on top of your follow up samples gentlemen.

The last three years have been incredibly stress free and no noticeable negative side effects. 10/10 stars, would definitely recommend.


thatHungarian t1_is0z6bq wrote

So if my partner and I use birth control pill/IUD/condom then it means I'm not respecting here as a woman/her body?

What happened to wearing condoms? Everybody want's to do bare intercourse these days. Sorry but in this hook up culture the last thing I want to have is unprotected sex. Everyone is out hoeing and walkin around with all kinds of STDs but the only thing we worry about is not having a baby?

I'm not taking away from the fact that what happened to women's rights isn't fucked up and should never happened and I'm understand that we are talking about having a baby and can't have access to abortion anymore but you won't even get into that situation if you put on a condom or two...ohh you don't want to put on a condom...then yeah go get that vasectomy and stop putting women in fucked up position.

Sex only good these days if it's bare and the women let's you finish in her... like what the fuck happened here?

I know everyone has their preferences but come on...

Also this topic should go both ways.(I said should...I know it can't always)

If men are assholes for not wanting to get a vasectomy are women are asshole as well if they not wanting to get their tubes tide?

Logic should go like this:

If a women doesn't want a baby and can't opt out of having one she should get her tubes tied.

If a men doesn't want a baby and can't opt out of child support he should get a vasectomy.

I know life is not this simple and straightforward and there are always complications and the wonders of our bodies sometimes still surprise us with an unplanned baby regardless how safely sex was practiced...and we quick to start pointing fingers to the opposite sex and have these big debates of who can do what with their body and who should do what and what not and what's allowed and what's moral and what is not...I think sometimes we get so lost in these talks. Seems like neither party wants to actually take responsibility (most time it's men) and we only want to enjoy the pure bliss part and not want to think about the outcome. We want the cake and eat it too without getting fat and getting diabetes as well...

I have many female friends who got their tubes tide, had multiple abortions...also have many male friends who got vasectomy, or wear two condoms every time...just stop shaming each other for our ya all.


KingHalfrican86 t1_is16nzm wrote

I’ve been planning on getting the ole snipperooski and this just might be the move here.