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akaBeatrixKiddo t1_isxly0t wrote

We could do things to make our city more beautiful…

…or do ugly things to squeeze every penny from our customers.

I wish someone who plays a key influence on Springfield like Johnny Morris would push Springfield toward beauty. It doesn’t happen over night but it’ll never happen with stuff like this.

“Advertisement is the rich asking for more money. They disfigure their towns in order to decorate their houses.” —G.K. Chesterton


lemler3 t1_isxrqk2 wrote

at least we have the worlds largest fork lol


MrZanzinger t1_isy41kj wrote

2nd largest unfortunately. Fairview, Oregon has us beat.


M1dnightHero t1_isy4wf2 wrote

This is already one of the most dangerous intersections in town because of the “chicken strip” and a Starbucks that constantly spills out into traffic.

But hey let’s make it even worse lol


Tw4life417 t1_it0dpbt wrote

Not to mention McDonalds and hate chicken shop


agentbarron t1_it45yaz wrote

One could call that row of chicken places a "chicken strip"


Wendypeffy t1_iswhhjm wrote

It was a massive zoomed in waving American Flag around 6:50. Disgusting. Trashy.


slumdogPennyPincher t1_isxei27 wrote

The American flag is disgusting and trashy?


EcoAffinity t1_isxerzc wrote

A digital bastardization of a waving flag means nothing and is stupid. If you want to wave the Stars and Stripes, do it with a real flag.

Oh ho ho, you thought you really did something there.


ZeProdigy23 t1_isxpqax wrote

It’s a temporary image, not permanent.


EcoAffinity t1_isxs0co wrote

Why even have it though? It does look tacky. I mean, the giant screen itself is tacky, but at least do something about Bass Pro or upcoming events etc.


ZeProdigy23 t1_isxsnav wrote

It will be based on aquarium and bass pro content.


EcoAffinity t1_isz4ofb wrote

Do you know if they turn off the screen at all, or has a downward projection to minimize light pollution?


ZeProdigy23 t1_isz6n55 wrote

It turns off at a certain time, usually matches operating hours and when sun comes down typically. It dims based on time as well.


EcoAffinity t1_iszk2vv wrote

Thanks! I actually haven't been in the area after hours, so I didn't know if it was like where the sign becomes the brightest thing at night and becomes a hazard. There's a billboard on Chestnut that is obnoxiously bright when it has certain images on it.


slumdogPennyPincher t1_iszhcif wrote

I wasn’t thinking I did anything Ecofuck. I was asking a question, thanks.


EcoAffinity t1_iszjp7f wrote

No problem! Glad I could make your day, buddy 😃


Wendypeffy t1_isxi0e8 wrote

Did I say that? The billboard is an eye sore. And as the other commenter said, it’s a giant LED billboard so yes, that is disgusting and trashy.


ilikecandypumpkins t1_isxd3kb wrote

How is this even allowed? It’s going to be so distracting to all of the cars at that stoplight. It seems like it could encourage a car crash with drivers looking at the giant flashing screen instead of the car in front of them


BlueCoatYellowBoots t1_isxirut wrote

That could be said about any of the digital billboards around town. I'm not saying that Bass Pro's billboard is right, just that they're not the only one.


sgf-guy t1_it0k5wu wrote

I live close enough to see the new sign off my porch. Just walked out to look after dark.

It’s an appropriate brightness. It’s big but only S bound and W bound will even see it directly.


King_Elrod t1_isxnusz wrote

In the 70s the sign on the Tower building at Glenstone and Sunshine streets was ordered to shut down due to drivers distraction and increase in accidents. I believe just recently (year or more maybe) it has been turned back on.


Successful_Hunter235 t1_isxcg3h wrote

I don't really see the point, they have turned their building into a lighted billboard. I suppose when you have billions and billions you have to dream up irrelevant shit to spend it on.


slumdogPennyPincher t1_isxecuu wrote

It’s easy advertising to a popular intersection, seems more obvious to build this one than the original that faces Campbell.


notnotpegbundy t1_isxiauy wrote

We drove by it after dark and it was so fucking bright… I guess Morris is running out of things to spend money on, so why not add yet ANOTHER giant billboard that is blinding.


Aimless78 t1_isw9fyi wrote

It was green when I drove by earlier today!!!!


akaBeatrixKiddo t1_isxtbly wrote

What if (hear me out) what if ALL the building was a screen.



ShayEevee22 t1_isygv5m wrote

Wait, can someone catch me up in context please? what is happening here exactly?


ilikecandypumpkins t1_isz5uup wrote

I’m not sure what context you need. This is Bass Pro, and the giant screen they just put up. OP took a picture of it stuck on solid red and titled it Red Wave to be funny


sgf-guy t1_it0jr9b wrote

I live so close I see the sign from my porch. They have been doing testing of the sign for a couple months now. It started with a basic Daktronics Home Screen…then the flag a few times and then prob a default proof of motion for technical reasons digital flag.

I literally just went outside and looked at it. It’s now a WOW billboard and it’s not annoyingly bright…looks about right for after dark. I remember the early LED days of cop lights and led billboards…some of those early cop lights were so bright it was truly distracting to drive by.

And yea, this sub is full over over dramatic people who barely leave the house and live life and instead shitpost here to keep the upvote circle jerk alive.


ShayEevee22 t1_it01fez wrote

That was it. I know it’s bass pro and the sign, I just didn’t know why it was red or if anyone knew


ilikecandypumpkins t1_it0sqxi wrote

Oh yeah, I think they’re just still in process of setting it up and getting the images to display


Moist_Wonton t1_iszfkps wrote

Why is everyone angry about a digital billboard? There’s already a ton


NotObviouslyARobot t1_iswpvwt wrote

Is this one of those weird awareness stunts? This is ugly as hell,


Generation94 t1_it0slpp wrote

Ok, I can’t believe it’s a screen. I honestly thought he was building more onto it. Kinda disappointing really


DibsMine t1_isy2u4b wrote

red wave is a euphemism for period right?


00112358132135 t1_isxsx3g wrote

These guys really care about nature. You should too.


XJ-Crawler t1_iswdqvz wrote

Good attempt at making an inflammatory post 👍🏼