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AmcillaSB t1_ite1se2 wrote

Ocean Zen hosted a shitty GOP event a few months ago, so personally that's the only one I'd ever avoid going forward.

There was that ramen place that opened a few years ago that gets a lot of health department warnings, but the name is escaping me.


Sgthouse t1_ite3mn9 wrote

Neat. How’s their food tho?


blurubi04 t1_ite40lo wrote

Pretty mediocre, but pricey. Then they host the insurrectionist…


Sgthouse t1_ite4fua wrote



blurubi04 t1_ite6923 wrote

Answered your question and you outed yourself so win/win? Didn’t think it required a New York Times review but: My wife and I like nice restaurants all over the country. It’s slim picking in The SGF, so we tried Ocean Zen after we closed a big business deal. The drinks were watered down but still pricey, the scallops were badly over cooked and the filet mignon was horrible, I’ve had better $15 steaks in a bar. You might enjoy if you have a taste for boot🙃. So not worth $$$$ price point. THEN they bring in Cancun Cruise and the rest of the goons that are cool with overthrowing the government…hard pass.


Sgthouse t1_ite9jxh wrote

Outed myself? Lol. I think the question was probably about food, not “please let me know which restaurants are liberal”


blurubi04 t1_itea5nh wrote

Atmosphere and Management are a huge deal in the hospitality business. We chose to avoid the Aviary because of the crappy owners. To each their own.


Over-Peanut-1840 t1_ite78u2 wrote

Don’t go to Hibachi on Republic Rd. Just low, low quality. Not worth a try.


AmcillaSB t1_iteei93 wrote

Hinode, you mean? Their sushi has traditionally been pretty good, but their prices are through the fucking roof now, and I personally don't feel it's worth the money to go there anymore.


Over-Peanut-1840 t1_iteeovu wrote

No, Hinode is on National south of Republic Rd. Hibachi is a little place in a shopping center between Fremont and National.


Ticklism OP t1_itef58e wrote

Been to Hinode and can confirm those prices are INSANE


AshPotatoYT t1_itf6pe5 wrote

I know right! My dad and me have always loved hinode but the prices are outrageous.


Moonhwk t1_iteqh35 wrote

I disagree, mom and pop/hole in the wall place.

Worth the price difference and the grill to table at home feel.

If you don’t like what they have… either bad night or Bougie taste buds.


Over-Peanut-1840 t1_itequrh wrote

To each their own. I work very close to it, and have been there dozens of times. The quality has diminished over the years, specifically the meat. I had hibachi steak the last time I went, and I couldn’t get past 2 bites. IN MY OPINION


ehoneygut t1_itg06pe wrote

Pretty sure its the same thing as little tokyo now called misaki. And its not much different than Nakato aside from less than half the price and no show.


Mechanicallvlan t1_itgpr9y wrote

FWIW, another positive for Hibachi is that it's never very busy. I actually went there for lunch on Mother's Day once, and there were only a few tables taken. If you went to Nakato or Hinode at the same time without a reservation, the wait would be hours long.


Adorable_Pea8830 t1_itie0ar wrote

100% agreed. We used to love going to hibachi grill but overtime we noticed how bad the quality was. It’s literally great value hibachi. They use street cat instead of pure bred.


WaywardDeadite t1_itdyehh wrote

One that I recommend trying is Craft Sushi.


Blanethor25 t1_ithh1pp wrote

Not a typical place that one. I came from a small town not too long ago and my roommate told me about a “sushi subway” that I had to go to with him. Pretty good stuff, and the staff on Sunshine are great.


Does_it_MatterRTho t1_itdu4po wrote

Everyones bodies are different. Some can handle questionable food more than others.


igolikethis t1_itelrut wrote

Idk why you're getting downvoted for this it's true lol


[deleted] t1_itf3ly1 wrote



intoxicatedpuma t1_itfwa75 wrote

Gonna add on to this and be a shill for Corner 21, but I’ve been there about 15 times now and every time it has been great. It’s a 4 hour round trip drive for me to go there, but it’s easily the best Sichuan restaurant within a 5 hour radius of NWA.

We took my mother in law there twice now and she also agrees, even by Chengdu standards it’s on the better side of places.

My only complaint is I wish they had a different variety of dishes, most of their plates are standard fare for a Sichuan restaurant in the US. That said, they do those dishes extremely well and stay authentic, and they are consistently good, I haven’t had a bad dish there ever.


Wyldfire2112 t1_itfruew wrote

Bao Bao does some traditional dishes as well, but it's more just a little corner of the menu on top of the Americanized stuff.

Gonna have to give Corner 21 a try, though.


GypsyBecky7 t1_itg708p wrote

Agreed. Corner 21 is wonderful. I've tried almost everything on the menu and haven't had a bad thing yet.


Sociological_Earth t1_itgjidl wrote

Nobody gonna talk about how Leong’s is so expensive but is bland af?


bread_breadshaw t1_ithf8vt wrote

They're riding on that brand name lol. It might be the original family, but other places have improved on their recipe.


Vols44 t1_itr0mn7 wrote

Saw a family member buying things at Sam's a few years ago. It's not the same recipe they had at the original location on west Sunshine.


igolikethis t1_item3jq wrote

Asian Hut. It very well could be my dumb American taste buds but I've eaten there 3 times, and every time thought it was gross.

Corner 21 there at Sunshine and Fremont though, super delicious. Massive portions too.


heydatcat t1_itff98y wrote

HIGHLY disagree with you here on Asian Hut. In my opinion they have the best tasting food in town and you get a lot of food for your money.


igolikethis t1_ithxach wrote

Tbf I'm a pretty picky eater. I tried it multiple times thinking maybe it was just that particular dish, maybe they're not all winners. It all just tasted off somehow, even the egg rolls were weird to me.


417sadboi t1_itevjhg wrote

I both agree and disagree with this statement. I think they're chicken dishes and their sushi are pretty bad compared to most other places nearby. But it is one of the few places in Central SGF to get Mei fun or mu shoo and it's not too shabby

Edit: In regards to Asian Hut


whaIeshark t1_itfkuoq wrote

I really like Asian Hut! Such sweet crab rangoons and their meat never is slimy or soggy like many other Chinese places. The only thing I don’t like is how dry the rice gets if I save it for leftovers.


Alrayson t1_itiswjl wrote

The mei fun at Asian Hut goes hard. Never ordered anything else because I loved it so much the first time


Bootycakes2000 t1_iteh3rt wrote

sushi village is very dirty, they don’t wear gloves and the fish has gone bad sometimes


[deleted] t1_itffe9j wrote



Bootycakes2000 t1_iti5wx8 wrote

Oh yah the food is good, i worked there for a while, but the back is very questionable just don’t get anything fried, the sushie is safe


SafeFrosting1819 t1_itetnik wrote

Niji on Lone Pine (Galloway Village area) has really neat drinks, but the sushi was garbage both times I've tried it. For sushi - Mijuri is my favorite, but now it's closing. For fast food cheap general chicken - I will never turn down Yum Yum Bowl. It's a total hole in the wall on Battlefield and has never failed me in 10+ years of eating it.


GeorgeBird0457 t1_itgub40 wrote

Mijuri is closing?!


Ganrokh t1_ithjuu1 wrote

Just found out from their Facebook page. Last day is October 29th.

Well, fuck. Who else has great sushi?


GeorgeBird0457 t1_itituf2 wrote

I went and saw for myself. That’s so sad, they have the best California rolls.

We really like Sakura too but will be trying a few new places just to test the waters.


kalidspoon t1_itjmawv wrote

Well that totally sucks!!!! I love mijuri sushi 🥺


DiabetikCrysis t1_itssvc2 wrote

Umi, same strip mall but around the corner from Buffalo Wild Wings on Battlefield.


EcoAffinity t1_iteih9c wrote

Ichiban has good reviews on Google, and is always recommended on FB as a good Asian buffet. I went once during dinner time on Saturday, it was busy. They were replacing food often.

Every single thing from the buffet was the worst version of the dish I'd ever had. Even the rice was god awful bitter, crunchy, and oily. My stomach felt exceptionally bad that night/next morning. The few other people I ate with (all our first time there) agreed about the food. That place is always busy and I am so confused on why.

I tried Lucy's on Campbell once with my family. Everything was extremely salty. I like my salt/msg/Chinese food, but this was bad. Hopefully it was a one off because everyone seems to love Lucy's, but there's other Chinese places in Springfield that I've not had a negative experience at, so I don't need to try it again.


chstrumpetdude t1_itf552k wrote

IDK if there is a legitimately good Chinese buffet in town. They all seem to be good the first couple of years and then go down hill. Of ibachi, mikado, and Asian king, I think Asian king is probably better, but not by a huge margin and smaller selection than ichiban. Sushi at both sucks. Idk what was in the soy sauce bottle at Asian king, but it wasn’t good. I went to mikado once when it first opened and was fantastic, but ever since Covid and their sprinkler lines freezing and bursting, seems they can’t keep it clean based on reviews.

Jade east is supposed to have a tiny buffet that you would expect from the tiny town Chinese places that I would guess is decent since their takeout is ok. Maybe one day I can figure out how to make my own fried rice


Mechanicallvlan t1_itf1cam wrote

Someone already mentioned Lucy's, which has the worst crab rangoon that I've eaten in my life. China Star is in a very convenient location for me, but the food is pretty awful, and I've never understood how it has relatively good reviews online (4.5 on Yelp, WTF). I eat Chinese food regularly and live right by this place, but I haven't eaten there in probably 5 - 10 years because it's so much worse than other options in town.

Although I like some Japenese restaurants more than others, I don't really hate any of the ones that I've tried. Hibachi, which someone else mentioned, is probably the worst one that I've been to. However, it's cheaper than others, and I don't think it's terrible (but I haven't been there in years, so it could have gotten worse).


Sweet-Ross860 t1_itfc4un wrote

The Riksha off of the square is great. Its been a while since I’ve been but they have honestly always been consistently good. Cashew inn in Nixa by dominos is another really great place to try also


fastbartender t1_itfesq5 wrote

The Riksha is amazing with new owners. Sweet people and the food is always fresh and delicious.


reiks12 t1_iti86zc wrote

Even though i dont think its the greatest food i will go there to support the owners. They are the nicest people and make you feel so welcome.


Adorable_Pea8830 t1_itieviq wrote

The riksha is my absolute favorite. The new owners are amazing and truly get to know you.


J_williams17 t1_itfeash wrote

I work at Umi over on battlefield. We got pretty good sushi


MarilynSixx t1_itecxbu wrote

There's one down in Nixa, easy to find. Pretty decent.


ElkConsistent3139 t1_iteeqe0 wrote

Omo in Chesterfield was dirty, haven’t been back to see if they cleaned it up. Food was ok.


jaydub1001 t1_iteswjz wrote

Went there tonight. They've done a bit of remodeling. I wouldn't say it was dirty. Besides, their food is really good and well priced.


Omo_Soul_food t1_itf5t05 wrote

Thank you for coming. What did you get?


jaydub1001 t1_itgbchu wrote

My family had some sushi, dumplings and gyoza, and one of us had ramen. The spicy tuna roll is the best in town.


Omo_Soul_food t1_itf5qcy wrote

You should come back. I work there and it is great place to eat.


ElkConsistent3139 t1_itf66an wrote

I will try it again, food was good but when I went there it was in need of a good cleaning. Baseboards, bathroom, etc. When I worked in food service, we paid close attention to those things so I notice both the good and the bad.


Omo_Soul_food t1_itf6og4 wrote

Im happy to hear your comeing back. And if you have any concerns or complaints or you just love it feel free to leave a review.


Far-Impression-290 t1_itf7d2c wrote

I recommended the yaki soba's they are full of flavor and they are cheap, I love in the aera and their my go to!!!


kkkenna t1_itfffwu wrote

5 spice is pretty good, but their prices are absolutely insane. not worth $29 for 1 meal and 2 sides.


UranioMetriaPrincess t1_itf2116 wrote

BaoBao in Chesterfield Village is the worst experience I’ve had with Chinese food. I can handle mediocre or slightly dirty places, this was just inedible. The first time I went I enjoyed it, second time I went I don’t know what kind of meat they gave me. I immediately had to run for the bathroom to vomit. Gives me the chills thinking about it still.


seoul_train86 t1_itilykx wrote

Yeah as far as I know they're getting ready to sell so they've kinda stopped caring. It's sad, they used to be great.


Restricted_Access_06 t1_itglqes wrote

Hinode is a hog trough. The other three Hibachi places in town are great, Hinode is trash.

Lucy’s is not great.


Ganrokh t1_ithm0a4 wrote

What are the other two besides Nakato?


agentbarron t1_itify8y wrote

There's ohana (cheap, not great but cheap)

Hinote(expensive, good sushi, mid hibachi)

And Nakato (expensive, but good)

Then there's a place literally called hibachi that I haven't been to but heard isn't great


Restricted_Access_06 t1_itkd9wd wrote

Barron unfortunately is wrong.

Hinode is a hog trough that you take your high school date to if “y’all want fancy eatin.” It’s essentially red lobster. They cram you in, feed your face and push you out.

Fuji is authentic and quality to me having lived in Japan and Okinawa for the better part of 4 years. It has the Chinese restaurant atmosphere (which I like…fish and decor and stuff) but some people find off putting.

Ohana is great, but again isn’t the best for American tastes buds who like everything fried and bland (see Hinode)

And Nakato is the Pinnacle. You want the best Americanized hibachi without sacrificing quality? Nakato.


FaithfulGardener t1_iter2od wrote

Happy China (shared building w gas stationon Battlefield) is a massive misnomer. Will make you very unhappy.


jaydub1001 t1_itet2x5 wrote

They used to be better. Half a block down is yum yum bowl and they are very good but not an amazing value.


somabva t1_ites5bv wrote

They have really, really good Crab Rangoon. At least they used to when I worked around there.

Anything with meat is prolly cat tho.


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_ite1hqi wrote

Why not ask what restaurants to go to instead? Asking what to avoid just adds a layer of negativity to me.


Ticklism OP t1_ite20m1 wrote

It isn't that deep homie I was just curious on what restaurants people have had bad experiences at and that I should avoid


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_ite25vk wrote

If you're looking to branch out you'd be better off asking for good experiences.

Edit: So rather than talk about the good restaurants in Springfield, you would like to shit talk the bad?


Ticklism OP t1_iteerrw wrote

Yeah because why not? I'm sorry I put you into a state of frenzy. You going to give a recommendation or just cry ?


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_itef5kv wrote

I'd hardly call questioning your negativity a frenzy or crying. I enjoy your terrible attempt at an insult though.

You didn't ask for recommendations. You asked for stories of bad experiences. I'd rather talk up restaurants than pull them down.


Ticklism OP t1_itefd0c wrote

Looking this deep into a reddit post and yapping about how I'm being negative asking which restaurants I should avoid definitely sounds like crying to me. But thank you hold this L bozo


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_itefkgb wrote

What did I lose? But you've reached your name calling phase so you've got nothing of substance left to say. Enjoy your negative life thinking every interaction with someone is a win or lose situation.


Ticklism OP t1_itefw74 wrote

What level of substance do I need for this topic ? I'm talking about Chinese food and you are hurt that's how you lost its embarrassing for being this hurt over this post. Enjoy being a bozo


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_iteg2zn wrote

I asked what I lost. Not how I lost.


Ticklism OP t1_itegc3c wrote

You lost this interaction that's what. Have a good evening lil buddy 🥳🥳


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_itegezs wrote

lol, you're brilliant. I suspect life is gonna be hard for you.


Ticklism OP t1_itegt4k wrote

Awh is your life hard and shitty ? Must be tough. I'm enjoying life over here. Try it out sometime it's great lil buddy


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_iteh7yy wrote

My life is going great. I've got a date set up with your dad for tonight so it's gonna get even better.


Ticklism OP t1_itehon6 wrote

Finally losing your virginity 🙌 after all these long years I'm so proud of you


Ganrokh t1_ithlvwa wrote

Not OP, but my wife and I just moved into Springfield proper last year after spending most of our lives living in random suburbs between here and Joplin. We've tried a majority of the restaurants ever recommended here on this subreddit. We're also not picky eaters to the extent that we love a number of restaurants that never get mentioned here. A "what to avoid" thread is quite useful for us.

Besides, there's a new "what asian restaurants do you recommend" thread on this sub every other week. If someone wants recommendations, they're all over here. Seeing a thread go in the opposite direction is refreshing.


Always_0421 t1_itf9rw3 wrote

All feeds on negativity. The more than most it seems.

At the end of the yeat, The most popular threads are consistently the ones trashing specific places or individuals's honestly sad.

I have to take a break periodically.