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Moonhwk t1_iteqh35 wrote

I disagree, mom and pop/hole in the wall place.

Worth the price difference and the grill to table at home feel.

If you don’t like what they have… either bad night or Bougie taste buds.


Over-Peanut-1840 t1_itequrh wrote

To each their own. I work very close to it, and have been there dozens of times. The quality has diminished over the years, specifically the meat. I had hibachi steak the last time I went, and I couldn’t get past 2 bites. IN MY OPINION


ehoneygut t1_itg06pe wrote

Pretty sure its the same thing as little tokyo now called misaki. And its not much different than Nakato aside from less than half the price and no show.


Mechanicallvlan t1_itgpr9y wrote

FWIW, another positive for Hibachi is that it's never very busy. I actually went there for lunch on Mother's Day once, and there were only a few tables taken. If you went to Nakato or Hinode at the same time without a reservation, the wait would be hours long.