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brainkandy87 t1_itixuhw wrote

Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar with Honey & Vinegar Realty


kernelpanic789 t1_ithxppk wrote

I use CJ King and Amber Jones with Murney, they're the best team, for all my real estate. Ive bought and sold over 20 properties with them they're excellent. I've bought $30,000 houses and $600,000 houses through them and they always treat me the same no matter how much I'm spending. DM me Amber's contact details.


G3TCRUNK3R t1_itjubsd wrote

Gonna second CJ King here. Gotta be the best realtor in town - Especially for 1st timer


notnotpegbundy t1_ithrz8c wrote

Cassie Torp @ The Torp Team. We went through her and she was fantastic. Absolutely willing to show us a house at any time and was proactive on giving us links to view ones that had just became available.


hexxorba t1_iti5fkq wrote

I had the same experience with Cassie! She’s a real doll, working with our schedules.


notnotpegbundy t1_iti5quy wrote

Yes! She would drop everything if I messaged her about a house. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s also an animal lover, so that’s always a plus in my book


SwagginBear3000 t1_itl2tak wrote

Cassie is my stepmom, can confirm she’s pretty awesome all around


Hiring_inRepublic22 t1_ithzh01 wrote

Brea Hunter helped me buy a house earlier this year. She was great.


Tough-Ad-9319 t1_ithst0n wrote

Nathan Bingman. He did a fantastic job for us! He was attentive and really worked hard for us. Still checks up on us.


the_blood_shrike t1_iti73wo wrote

Sam Elgin with Reece Nichols is amazing. I bought my first house with her and she made the whole experience lovely. Her team is also incredible and went out of their way to help with everything.


Just_Isaak t1_itifq3a wrote

I would second Sam Elgin with the Kody sold my home team from Reece Nichols


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_itiy2rs wrote

Grant Wistrom with Verus/Keller Williams. He sold our house last year. We bought a new construction that had issues and he was even helpful with it.


TummyDrums t1_itlffdo wrote

In case you or anyone else didn't know, Grant Wistrom was a defensive end for the Rams "Greatest Show on Turf" back in the day. Fun little fact.


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_itlfnue wrote

I did! Super nice, down to earth guy. He also owns a dispensary on Republic Road.


Citizenchimp t1_itjksit wrote

Mark Sponsler is a wonderful human being and very good at what he does. he was a joy. I think he's with Keller Williams.


Trampezzio t1_itl69gf wrote

I work with Mark and you're right! A truly amazing dude. We're both over at ReeceNichols.


Tow_man94 t1_iti7hqy wrote

Shelby Paul, Childress & Co real estate, 503-929-2418


deborah_jai t1_itibo4m wrote

Linda Kensinger with AMAX. Knows her shit and is completely on your side.


jttIII t1_itiic76 wrote

What type of person do you want to work with? What's your preferred communication style?


bthornsy t1_itikj96 wrote

I happen to be a realtor! DM me if you have any questions, I’d love to help! I have a great team behind me as well.


AmcillaSB t1_itilz4c wrote

Sabrina West has been good to me. Very no-nonsense and efficient agent.


granddaddy_bingbong t1_ititv6s wrote

Brian Stone at Keller Williams! We were first time home buyers and he loves working with first time home buyers. Highly highly recommend him! :)


Acrobatic-Yak-1574 t1_itiuckc wrote

Erik Kean. Got me my first home in 2020 and killing it. One of my best friends, started almost a decade ago. Matt Smith real estate group out of Rolla.


Guitarstringman t1_itivja0 wrote

The Evan Ryan team, Keller Williams, the best!


frogwithindigestion t1_itjfiqo wrote

Roberta Gotchie! You can find her on Facebook. She helped us buy our first home and was a wonderful help!


JB91196 t1_itjl03q wrote

Brian Stone with Keller Williams helped us with our first home a few months ago and it was a great experience!


hopefulhusband t1_itjq6s6 wrote

Cheryl McClease has helped us buy 2 homes. Love her.


shathari t1_itjqhsv wrote

Debra Parrish with Murney really went to bat for us when the seller got weird. She and her daughter Devon were amazing.


jonjonjay t1_itk0bjo wrote

Joe Bex! He's with AMAX Real Estate


spared_n0_expense t1_itku9d3 wrote

Jeanna Holmes with Cantrell Group. We bought our home from her a few years ago and are about to put it on the market to sell, we are moving out of state

Best of luck finding a home!


tifferpok t1_itl7n75 wrote

Russ Robinson with Murney and Associates.


ice-princesss t1_itlhwu1 wrote

I would stay away from Jeanna Callahan. She refused to put offers in for us in a timely manner, and wouldn’t work with us on any for sale by owner homes. After she wouldn’t put our offer through, she messaged us three separate times telling us she’d do it after the house had sat on the market for a month and interest rates had already gone up.


hairyTalbot t1_itlstdk wrote

Mellisa cyr. Can be found on facebook


lordsatyrn t1_itojvrg wrote

Stay away from Michelle Cantrell. Brea Hunter is great!!


SmartElection905 t1_itoyy3y wrote

Dustin Langston. I used to go to church with him. Good guy.


periodbloodsausage t1_itq1ypv wrote

Steve Phillips with AMAX. He is one of the best in the area and will go above and beyond to help.


cloud9wavy t1_itrvq1l wrote

Magnolia Salem with MSRG Real Estate Group is amazing and really cares about what you are looking for in a house. She has 16 years of experience in the field.


samoan23 t1_itiz18t wrote

Gateway reality Joy Bray


Active-Stop-3429 t1_itjffcu wrote

Evan Deshong with Evan’s Group 417-987-5550. Evan and his team are the most amazing people you will ever work with. They are dedicated and passionate about finding your perfect home. We have bought (and sold) three houses with them now. Our son and DIL just bought their first in the last year. Evan is currently helping our daughter and her family find just the right place for them. We wouldn’t trust anyone else!


DyktMuffinManwlodl t1_itln0cf wrote

Honestly it's a terrible time to sell a house or buy a house. Being a realtor is going to suck right now. Make sure whoever it is, is working for you on your schedule. If you want to see houses at 7pm because that is when you are available, then they should be happy to do that. Also, they should either have a moving truck or be willing to pay for a moving truck. You should not have to go to U-Haul.

Don't mess around with these people that have been selling for 2-3 years. Go with someone that has the experience to navigate this market and get you the best deal worked out.