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Hi all. This weekend is my birthday but plans have changed as I’m going through a breakup. I’m looking for a place I can reach by car six hours or less with a bed and breakfast (like an actual bed and breakfast not a room from Airbnb). Bonus points for cute antique shops, coffee shops, and museums or other interesting history. I’d like to stay under $150/night but I understand I may need to go over that. Dog friendly would be a bonus but not a requirement. Really appreciate any recs! 🙂



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GSPilot t1_itlw0yj wrote

Eureka Springs, AR


Amethoran t1_itoq0x6 wrote

I was coming here to say this. Me and my wife went there a couple years ago in spring and it was beautiful. Good food and a lot of fun things to see. And the drive is really pretty. There is also a place where you can rent Harry Potter themed cabins or castles or hobbit hidey holes. Well worth it for a nice weekend get away.


Puzzleheaded-Film-94 t1_itpih4c wrote

Eureka Springs in the mid 1980’s to the mid 90’s was occupied by completely different people with a whole sorts of different ideas. There were only 1 or 2 cheesy T-shirt shot glass stores and maybe 1 evangelical Jesus type shop. It was a hippie and lgbt art colony in the old town full of amazing galleries, jewelry makers, importers, the old town hotels were, if not 420 friendly, 420 mind ya biz. The town is still delightful and I go to escape and see friends still today and it’s great but ya know…Glory Days


Wyldfire2112 t1_itp0liy wrote

You are objectively correct. Best spot for a B&B with pretty foliage.


matramepapi t1_itm2jxr wrote

Have you ever been to crystal bridges? I see that Eureka is ruled out. Bentonville area has some pretty cool stuff.


lifepuzzler t1_itmye8r wrote

Second this. Crystal Bridges is a great museum and the town is neat, too, even if it's the Wal Mart capitol of the world. Lol


Punnchy t1_itrplzj wrote

Crystal Bridges for sure. Cool weeb store in Springdale/Rogers and a mellow mushroom.


queenkayyyyy t1_itlw9p0 wrote

Yeah you’re looking for Eureka Springs AR. It checks all your boxes.


petlove499 OP t1_itlwn78 wrote

Thanks. You are right, it’s a great place. Unfortunately it was the first getaway spot my partner and I visited together so while I won’t rule it out, it’s not my first pick either


queenkayyyyy t1_itm0av1 wrote

Ahh I see. I’m sorry to hear that! You’re about 5 hours from Memphis, Tennessee. That would be my second pick I think.


lochlainn t1_itnllcv wrote

Yeah, I'd go with Memphis too, but if you can stretch your drive, you might consider Vicksburg. It has that "small artsy b&b town feel", plus the battlefield if that interests you. They have an ironclad there.


joecamel816 t1_itlwd4u wrote

Hermann, MO


petlove499 OP t1_itlwoyn wrote

Thanks! I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to visit. Will look into this.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_itm46et wrote

If you love German sausages and/or Missouri wine, Hermann is the place. Bring a cooler and stop by Swiss Meat Co on the way back.


jgj570s t1_itm050a wrote

Go south, young man. Jasper Arkansas, Ponca Arkansas area, Eureka Springs, etc. If you go south about 45 minutes, you get into the “real mountains” of the Ozark Mountains.


Euphoric_Spend_1672 t1_itmig0n wrote

I see a lot of Arkansas! If you want to try going North there is a Dutch town called Pella, Iowa an hour outside of Des Moines. Looks like a beautiful place to visit in the fall time and I saw it on a list of best places to visit in the US. Been wanting to go but haven’t had the time to check it out myself!


Low_Tourist t1_itmwya3 wrote

Pella is kind of cool! It's beautiful in Spring with all the tulips in bloom.


houseofwarwick t1_itqc03h wrote

I went to the Tulip Festival back in 2003 and it was amazing! It’s still a small town at heart but I do t remember much to do other than the festival.


Wise-Beginning-4255 t1_itm0cqh wrote

St Charles looks really neat


matramepapi t1_itm2o3z wrote

St. Charles is awesome! They’re getting ready to start their Christmas stuff next month.


charitykase32 t1_itm2xhd wrote

St Charles is nice to visit, but I grew up there and didn't really appreciate it until I moved away. Christmas Traditions is great to check out on Main St.


joecamel816 t1_itmfadc wrote

Weston, MO also has some nice hiking, BNB’s, an Irish pub in a cave, and even a ski slope


oliviashanks t1_itmj8ii wrote

St Genevieve has cute antique shops and historic hotels. You can tour the old French buildings, and there is some good hiking nearby at Pickle Springs.


Just_Wolf_7592 t1_ito1n98 wrote

Petit Jean forest in AR, it’s gorgeous. Cute cabins or camping.


Adorable_Depth2238 t1_itm9hz9 wrote

Hardy has a haunted air BnB that’s in an old hotel on the strip.


MuchEffect3648 t1_itmn7j1 wrote

Eureka Spring AR. It's a tourist town like Branson without the old country artists coming to finalize their career piece of it.


Inside-Function3044 t1_itmsshi wrote

newton county, AR near Jasper has some cute bed and breakfasts!


Low_Tourist t1_itmxjq7 wrote

I'd consider Louisville. It might be a little further than 6 hours, but there's a ton of culture there. And the Muhammad Ali museum is absolutely top notch.


XzallionTheRed t1_itp1t6c wrote

8 hour trip when I used to go between Ft. Knox and here and back on leave. Easy drive to, 44 north to 64, go east until you hit it.


ClutchGP t1_itn1ttk wrote

Paducah, KY or Memphis depending on your interests.


One10soldier1 t1_itnducc wrote

Your description sure sounds like Hannibal MO. Mark Twain Museum, more than one B&B, unique shopping, a winery for wine tasting.

If you ever watched Gilmore Girls... It's a lot like Stars Hollow.


lochlainn t1_itnlzaw wrote

Another suggestion for warmer weather if you like nature is the Ironton region. Elephant Rocks state park, and Johnson's Shut Ins. Climbing and swimming!

About an hour south of St Louis.


cenmosahd t1_itmfvqi wrote


ETA: The Amber House has a pretty good cook who does custom dining.


indeliblethicket t1_ito92hy wrote

The Hale in Hot Springs is really amazing. You are served a personalized breakfast downstairs every morning and the thermal mineral waters are pumped into soaking tubs found in each of the 9 rooms.


sullivan80 t1_itobj55 wrote

Carthage, MO has all those except it looks like the bed and breakfast I knew of closed and I am not certain if there are any others.

There is a very cool rental on the square though ( that is within walking distance of a coffee shop, a few restaurants, antique and other shops, civil war museum and a couple art galleries.

The courthouse is also very cool and in a way it's also a museum. Carthage is probably tough to beat for Antique shops. Over in Joplin is a pretty cool mineral and mining museum.

George Washington Carver NM is pretty close and it's worth a little side trip. There are a couple wineries fairly close as well if that's something of interest to you.


littlecello024 t1_itogiel wrote

St. Charles, MO. Quaint town, lots to do and beautiful views.


Puzzleheaded-Film-94 t1_itphil0 wrote

Take the back way to Eureka Springs through Galena, Cassville and the King’s River valley. There’s groovy treehouse rentals a bit south of Cassville.


KTfl1 t1_itmkxu5 wrote

Why not Lake of the Ozarks?