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ybanalyst t1_iu29b7j wrote

Just a reminder that the owners committed fraud with PPP loans by making up fictional employees.

I absolutely love the local restaurant scene and love supporting people in our community--but these people are shit and don't deserve to have a business.


robzilla71173 t1_iu4w7ks wrote

I've been told he was also fraudulently applying for loans using Buz Hosfeld's name (deceased, very well regarded, former owner of White River) after buying the brewery. A story about all of this says the federal government is currently suing him and going after his properties.


itsjustajoe t1_iu295qf wrote

the owner fraudulently used ppp loans for himself rather than it’s intended use and got caught, i don’t have sympathy for him, but i do for the employees who are losing jobs


the_honeyman t1_iu29ht3 wrote

Really sucks the owner turned out to be nothing more than a fraudster. They were delicious.

Oh well, at least Mimi's Soulfood is holding down the fried chicken game.


Hikinger t1_iu2c60q wrote

K fried on battlefield and national has strong fried chicken game in my opinion! Check it out if you haven't yet!


the_honeyman t1_iu2fijj wrote

I will do so. Forgot about them when I went out to Mimi's yesterday.


Angus_Cornwall t1_iu2x8o2 wrote

Not seeing the allure here. Weird cuts of bone in chicken. Haven't tried the boneless pieces, maybe that's what good.


Raider3447 t1_iu4iyq6 wrote

Same here. I had the bone in chicken and it was pretty bad. Lots of bones and tendons. I'd like to give the boneless a try but it will be hard for me to give it another shot.


cdkzfw t1_iugazz6 wrote

I love the bone-in. Especially sauced in the standard sweet and spicy korean sauce. They do seem to cut the breast and thigh down smaller so maybe its just not what your used to and not knowing how to navigate it.


robzilla71173 t1_iu4wczt wrote

Haven't tried them yet, I keep forgetting they're nearby at lunchtime. Glad to hear they're good.


the_honeyman t1_iu5ay1d wrote

I really enjoy them. I hear Queen City Soul Kitchen is really good too, but I forget about them when deciding where to go.


RockemChalkemRobot t1_iu5k3kg wrote

It is damn good. I've been meaning to try Smerqs on Republic. The reviews are through the roof.


robzilla71173 t1_iu5kgwb wrote

Looking at the menus they're probably pretty similar quality food, but Mimi's looks like they have more choices. I'll have to try Mimi's next week, thanks for mentioning them. Those croissants look like ones a family friend used to make for Thanksgiving. I could eat those all day long.


Marqueso-burrito t1_iu287vk wrote

The owner is a pos so it makes sense


okaygamer417 t1_iu442k7 wrote

There a lot of those owning Springfield ...


Marqueso-burrito t1_iu6m77s wrote

Yup, saw the owner of Norma’s carriage house (Tony) pay off the health inspector. That was my last day working there.


WandererDynamic t1_iu2iu9o wrote

You couldn’t pay me to go to Bourbon & Beale again. Disappointing on all accounts and the owner doesn’t deserve a dime from any of us.


brainkandy87 t1_iu2u3z1 wrote

Great the first time we went. Absolutely bottom of the barrel dogshit the second time.


TimHaynes t1_iu30hrp wrote

I ordered the oysters. I shouldn’t have to cut oysters with a steak knife. They were the size of my hand, which to anyone not familiar with oysters is a bad thing.


pssssn t1_iu4p3d0 wrote

Went last week for lunch, it was meh, and almost completely empty during lunch rush. I won't miss it when it goes out of business.


ep1c_t4ble t1_iu2ab2u wrote

Trash food and a garbage owner good riddance honestly 🤷‍♂️


letsdoit60 t1_iu2aavs wrote

There is so much fraud from the ppp program it’s ridiculous! Missouri cut the hours of state workers to collect federal money.


MicheleCha t1_iu2dehm wrote

Ok can famous Dave's come back at that location 🤣


Low_Tourist t1_iu2fhi3 wrote

The people that ran that Famous Daves are at Sugarfire. Or at least used to be.


Fizzeek t1_iu2lifj wrote

No way! It’s so much better though, I’m shocked.


Low_Tourist t1_iu2zel7 wrote

Yep! That was one of their selling points. And I was like lolno...


FrankTankly t1_iu4h460 wrote

Fucking Hot Cluckers. They went to shit after they moved to south Campbell. Terrible service, insane wait times. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt multiple times and they just continually let me down.

Good riddance. Why make it so hard to love you, hot chicken restaurant, why?


Thatguyyouhatealot t1_iu2gl4u wrote

Better learn how to make prison wine in the toilet. LOL


militarypuzzle t1_iu2xlp0 wrote

That taco place in Branson is never opening now


Misanthrope93 t1_iu2i0av wrote

The managers (not all of them) that they hired to manage their stores were absolutely awful fucking people


Apprehensive-Wing894 t1_iu30x9k wrote

Not a major loss in terms of chicken joints, their chicken was subpar and their spicy chicken was all heat and no flavor. Shame the owner was a scumbag though, that really sucks for those working there.


ItsWatney t1_iu4e8ow wrote

Maybe if their business wasn't run horribly with insane wait times, too high of prices for declining food quality, and a side of FRAUD I'd give a shit. There's a million other chicken sandwich places in town.


EcoAffinity t1_iu4jhds wrote

Like the Facebook comment, they should have stuck with what made them popular: walk up counter chicken joint with simple menu. They ruined themselves. I did wonder how a restaurant decided it was smart to move to a large location in the middle of covid and completely change their business.


pr1moispfat t1_iu2vdkl wrote

Food was inconsistent trash.


thearticulategrunt t1_iu2zpde wrote

Honestly tried it twice and it was trash both times. Got better food from the worst of the military dining facilities I ate at during my 17 years in service.


LocationTime5348 t1_iu4cuse wrote

they’re also blocking anybody on facebook that mentions it lmfao. i guess because they’re insecure?


Gryffeon t1_iu4pedv wrote

Did all the employees know they were shutting down or did it just happen without the employees knowing?


KingHalfrican86 t1_iu3y5zj wrote

I know the person who commented. Lol