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Hikinger t1_iu2c60q wrote

Reply to comment by the_honeyman in Not Hot Cluckers! by evadssor

K fried on battlefield and national has strong fried chicken game in my opinion! Check it out if you haven't yet!


the_honeyman t1_iu2fijj wrote

I will do so. Forgot about them when I went out to Mimi's yesterday.


Angus_Cornwall t1_iu2x8o2 wrote

Not seeing the allure here. Weird cuts of bone in chicken. Haven't tried the boneless pieces, maybe that's what good.


Raider3447 t1_iu4iyq6 wrote

Same here. I had the bone in chicken and it was pretty bad. Lots of bones and tendons. I'd like to give the boneless a try but it will be hard for me to give it another shot.


cdkzfw t1_iugazz6 wrote

I love the bone-in. Especially sauced in the standard sweet and spicy korean sauce. They do seem to cut the breast and thigh down smaller so maybe its just not what your used to and not knowing how to navigate it.