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ProGlizzyHandler t1_iun7ibr wrote

You didn't say anything about the jews/mexicans/blacks ruining the country, didn't say anything good about Trump, and totally missed the whole stolen election. You also didn't support the troops, call Biden any names, or referencing locking up Hillary. Plus you failed to remind everyone that the LGBTQ community are pedo groomers trying to snach up all the children by letting men wear dresses.

Basically your chances are slim to none in southern MO unless you're willing to jump on the insanity train, run as a republican, and sacrifice all your good ideas in favor of crushing freedoms and supporting bigotry. Bonus points if you can string together a mildly coherent sentence that includes both being anti-censorship and pro-banning books.

Not to say I don't think you should run, just set realistic expectations. There's just not enough of is progressives around here to drown out the fascism.


willardharrisupvotes t1_iunh51z wrote

I don’t believe I’ll win at all. But I do believe I could help start bridging the gap with those who are on the fence about the GOP but have spent years being fed lies that Dems just want to destroy everything. Then maybe a few years later have enough base to successfully rerun