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Quirkella t1_iv0i6ji wrote

La Habana Vieja, the Cuban restaurant just a couple doors down from Cafe Cusco.


outsidenoise t1_iv0oihh wrote

Never heard of this one, but after perusing their menu online, I absolutely gotta try it. Thanks for the introduction!


GinWithJennifer t1_iv0pvni wrote

Whoa. Somehow I've never even heard of this place.

I've been on a quest to find Hispanic food like from my hometown. Do they cook with anything hotter than a jalapeño?


StinkyDeerback t1_iv1c81z wrote

Typically, Cuban food isn't heavy on heat. Source: am Cuban.


GinWithJennifer t1_iv24297 wrote

Dang :c

In my home town I loved eating habenero chicken fajitas and I've been suffering for years without it


StinkyDeerback t1_iv271c9 wrote

I believe heat is pretty unique to Mexican cuisine when it comes to cuisines within the Hispanic world.

However, my father loves heat, and we always add jalapenos into our black bean soup.


GinWithJennifer t1_iv28a8a wrote

Naaaaah Trinidad and Tobago have some of the hottest pepper breeds in the world. And I feel like I've ate some very spicy jaimaican food from a street vendor here.

I know hot cluckers is supposed to have this Uber secret spice level and food I make poisons the air. You can't even be in the house or your eyes and lungs will burn.

Bww uses to have a ghost pepper sauce several years ago as their hottest sauce. I loved it so much I bought bottles of it. All the bottles. Started my super spice journey. Their reaper wings feel really mid. Wing stops atomic level is not hot enough. Cheese steak sandwich place by sound smart and wing stop had this sandwich called Eye of Sauron--omg it needs to.he a permanent menu item for my soul 😩

I told Taj mihal many times to make my food as spicy as possible. Never once was it very noticeable. I told my.indian friend he said to ask for it "Indian spicy," and I don't think it changed anything. Guy must think I won't like it or something.

Perches had good quantities of food for the price. Maybe not as absolutely stacked and jacked as del gordo and lacked I felt in the spice department but I've only tried two dishes there.

Whenever the Mexican restaurants bring me that green habanero sauce I practically eat 3/4 of the bottle shamelessly.

I'm a glutton for spice. At least the mall has my favorite hot sauces. That Trinidad Moruga Scorpion sauce is divine. Can eat the whole bottle is about 2 months. Sometimes less.

I've been on a quest to find a resturant here or food truck with just what I'm looking for but have not :(


StinkyDeerback t1_iv2lq46 wrote

I hadn't thought of T&T as Hispanic, but I suppose they are. I figured they were more like Jamaica. Caribbean, but not Hispanic. The more you know.


GinWithJennifer t1_iv2o7t5 wrote

Oh I am not entirely sure sorry if I'm lumping them them together incorrectly.

Still looking for spicy food resturant :T


StinkyDeerback t1_iv2rpxp wrote

No need to apologize to me! I made the mistake of assuming T&T wasn't Hispanic.

Have you tried Thai restaurants in town? They have a spice star system that can get pretty hot.


GinWithJennifer t1_iv3ugiv wrote

I've heard but never gotten like what I expected. I can't help but feel when I demand it super hot the restursnt thinks I won't know the difference to give it to me normal or think I wouldn't like it. I'm paying for it come on maaaaaaan


ehoneygut t1_iv0udlu wrote

I wanted to like it. But it is pricey and nothing special. I think they should have gone with a regular old cuban joint rather than the higher class version they attempt. This is a bottom dollar market after all.