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Tiny_Fly_7397 t1_iv2eenk wrote

Woods Fork, which runs through Busiek, has been pretty low for a good while. Not sure on the legality of rockhounding there.

Edit: there are some places on the Finley in Ozark that might not have been hounded yet but a lot of those you can really only get to with a kayak. Be warned, those waters can be treacherous. Some good driftwood down there too


notnotpegbundy t1_iv2f6fn wrote

Would also love info on this! As well as where I could find Driftwood. I’m wanting to take my dad out.


robzilla71173 t1_iv3vnrm wrote

There's a lot of driftwood around stockton lake.


notnotpegbundy t1_iv5b1l7 wrote

Thank you!!!!! He loves to “whittle.”


robzilla71173 t1_ivh2sq6 wrote

You're welcome. You could probably find a lot along the shore at Fellows or Tablerock too. I just mentioned Stockton because I go there pretty often and see a lot of it. Every now and then a piece is too cool to pass up and it finds its way into my kayak. :)


notnotpegbundy t1_ivh4v0h wrote

I’d love to get my daddy-o into kayaking. Maybe that’ll be my summer 23 goal


robzilla71173 t1_ivhp1py wrote

That's a fine goal right there. My kayak is my happy place. Btw I believe fellows lake rents kayaks and may even have some intro to paddling classes through the park board. I'm looking forward to taking some sailing lessons out there next summer.


notnotpegbundy t1_ivhqofn wrote

Excellent to know! My dad is in his mid 60s and said it sounded like a good way to drown, so maybe a canoe…lol


robzilla71173 t1_ivhrslt wrote

I think it's the best way to drown personally. Nah seriously though it's pretty safe. I've been known to take naps in mine. I think the park board also rents canoes but every time I paddle with someone else in the boat we just go in circles. :p


notnotpegbundy t1_ivhryeg wrote

I lovvveee to float. I’m going to get him out there one way or another.


robzilla71173 t1_iv3viv1 wrote

If you go north on 13 you can sometimes find round egg sized rocks called Weableau eggs. They're thought to be the remnants of a meteorite impacting in the weableau area when molten rock flew into the air and cooled into round shapes falling back down.


ehoneygut t1_iv33i3x wrote

Not sure what kind of rocks you're looking for, but there is nice calcite out around hall town.