Submitted by Successful_Hunter235 t3_yprtmc in springfieldMO

Just voted a little after 10:00 am. I was the 263rd voter at my precinct, that is a very high number at my little voter place. I suspect the Amendment 3 question is driving extra voting in an mid term election. Any one else notice more than ordinary number of voters?



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xPeachesV t1_ivky5lr wrote

I am on my fifth day of suffering with a ruptured ear drum. I’ve been bedridden and haven’t been able to gain my balance but bet your ass I got out to vote today.

Thankfully, someone drove for me


exhusband2bears t1_ivlz1xh wrote

Damn, I'm sorry. That sounds awful. Props to your friend for giving you a ride and to you for voting while dealing with that.


MacAttack2015 t1_ivkhap9 wrote

Was at my polling place at 8:00AM, was the 240th person to vote. Hoping for a positive outcome for Amendment 3, and the Senate seat (doubtful).


hexxorba t1_ivkfxo4 wrote

Yes the line at my location is 10000% longer than I’ve ever seen! Mostly elderly.


Lord_Debuchan t1_ivkoxtx wrote

Hearing that it's mostly elderly doesn't give me any warm fuzzies on #3 or anything else really.


ICareAboutNihilism t1_ivkxfq7 wrote

Elderly are more likely to vote on the day of. They have relatively few responsibilities, so they're usually available on voting day, and also it's routine. Now with new early voting, I saw a lot of people the other day when I voted and many demographics were there.

That doesn't mean the state is turning blue or anything, but yeah, I think younger turnout is getting better, especially with more convenient options for voting.


MadMageMC t1_ivlmkdb wrote

> That doesn't mean the state is turning blue or anything.

It's depressing how many Republicans run unopposed in this state.


mh555 t1_ivlve0y wrote

Our Dem choice in District 3 is about as bad as it gets. Maybe next time we can get a nominee worth considering.


VaderTower t1_ivl6qww wrote

65+ historically and continues to be the highest turnout. 18 year olds don't vote much, 30-40 year olds vote more often 65+ vote a whole lot.


ICareAboutNihilism t1_ivmhad7 wrote

Sure, that's how it's been. I said I think it's improving though. I would be stunned if a lower percentage of young people voted in this election than any other. We just got early voting this election and cannabis is on the ballot, which is no small thing for a lot of people.


VaderTower t1_ivmiolm wrote

Good point, cannabis is definitely something the young crowd will come out for.

I have a feeling extra old people are coming out for the Galloway vote too though.

I just wish everyone voted and took it as seriously!


huscarlaxe t1_ivl95dw wrote

> doesn't give me any warm fuzzies on #3

An acquaintance of mine works at a dispensary in OK and he was talking about how many people in assisted living have their cards.


Diemon-Dave t1_ivmfjqa wrote

I voted a straight GOP ticket and also voted “yes” on 3.

I won’t be using cannabis, it doesn’t set well with me. What others decide about it should be left to them.

I think you’ll find how many “conservatives” feel the same way.


RollOutTheGuillotine t1_ivn2nmd wrote

I'm a (legitimate, not democrat) leftist but grew up in a very red rural part of Missouri and can confirm that a whole lot of conservatives are pro cannabis. I think that's a pretty unifying "issue", honestly. It's the language of the bill that has some folks concerned and voting no, and I know a number of folks on the left who are opposed to the amendment because of that.


MiwestGirl t1_ivkolsp wrote

Does Bush have a chance at all? She’s the only statewide Dem that has kind of a chance I hope??


catosickarious t1_ivkqsk1 wrote

I think the only way it could have worked out was Kunce v Greitens tbh. But at least weed will most def be legalized!


WandererDynamic t1_ivkt9kz wrote

I’m not 100% convinced it will. There’s been a huge push that passing 3 will push CRT in our school soooo….


TakeTheWorldByStorm t1_ivlb6a3 wrote

So if weed is legal we'll suddenly start teaching graduate level concepts in schools? That's an interesting idea to push.


baconomaly t1_ivlcohq wrote

My graduate professors didn’t even understand the concept of CRT lmao


catosickarious t1_ivl8wza wrote

you have to believe son, you have to believe. And vote too, that's probably more important


Evanpik64 t1_ivlzb95 wrote

Crazy how your average Republican voter’s view of politics is having like 10 scary buzz words and applying them to everything they don’t like even when it makes literally no sense


master-shake69 t1_ivlye4p wrote

Saw a sign as I was walking in to vote that said

>Keep CRT out of the constitution. Vote no on 3

Really wanted to find who put it there and ask them to explain how CRT is related, in any way, to legal weed.


2Have15min t1_ivm2rcq wrote

This sign was for the 'average voter' not an informed one.. lol


TummyDrums t1_ivl0726 wrote

538 has her at <1% chance for what it's worth. Polls aren't always accurate though


skucera t1_ivljatp wrote

I haven’t seen a single sign for her. Not looking good.


Use_the_Loofah t1_ivkix40 wrote

Yup, I forgot to see what voter number I was, but at just after 7am, I had to wait in line for a couple minutes because all of the booths were full. Normally I'm the only one there.


Wyldfire2112 t1_ivnqg5n wrote

And that's even with the new "no excuse" absentee ballot law.

I showed up at the County Clerk's office and voted on Saturday, and it was doing a fair clip. Not backed up, but they'd apparently been having a steady stream with 3-4 ballots being filled out at any given time all day.


kamiela2010 t1_ivltlwv wrote

never seen so many young adults vote. They're coming out in huge numbers......Drugs man drugs


ice-princesss t1_ivkv52v wrote

My polling place was very busy, I’ve only seen it busier during the 2020 presidential election.


Arc-ansas t1_ivl08wj wrote

Please vote yes on 3!


notnotpegbundy t1_ivkso81 wrote

268 at noon at our little polling place. They said it’s already more than they had last election.


12938je t1_ivl8g5p wrote

I'm not in Springfield, small town outside Lebanon. Don't know what number I was but the poll folks were saying it's more people at their place than ever. Doesn't make me think it'll change much outta our district but seems to be the trend.


Always_0421 t1_ivkkg4k wrote

There was actually a line at 10:00 am af my polling place.

Typically lines.are at ioening before work (6:30-8:30) at lunch hour (12-1) and after work (4:30-6:30) on the busiest years....I'm expecting great turnout.


Cooldude588 t1_ivla84b wrote

When i went around 11am there was no line on at Darr Agricultural Center i really didn’t want to vote for Bush because she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning i can deal with Schmidt but i voted for Bush for the hell of it, also i was unsure of what Amendment 4 was all about can anyone explain?


skucera t1_ivljtb1 wrote

Kansas City lowered funding for police earlier this year, the legislature threw a temper tantrum that they couldn’t force a city to spend more on policing, so now they’re trying to amend the state constitution to require KC to spend a full 25% of their budget on policing.


DnWeava t1_ivlutsw wrote

No we fucking didn't. We did not fucking cut police funding in KC. We actually fund our police way over the state minimum but our dumbass state government want to punish all of KC because a small group of leftists chanting defund the police in a video they saw on Fox news or some shit.


kamiela2010 t1_ivluo43 wrote

Spend 12.5% on the citizens and 12.5 on the police. May see better results


GirlieGirlRacing t1_ivmo2iu wrote

She’s at 65% and Eric at 33% give or take right now, but only 2% are reporting as of now.


Embarrassed_Tax_6547 t1_ivkuoxp wrote

Yes, long lines here too. Please everyone vote as if your freedom depended on it. I’d say 98% of the people at my voting location were 70+ years old and we know how they usually vote.


batmanismad t1_ivl22bk wrote

At 7am on the west side I was 137.


Shondelle t1_ivlc6q5 wrote

I voted early on Friday around 1pm. I had to wait in line for a little over 30 minutes. Don't know if the wait was typical, because it was my first time voting early.


QuarterInchSocket t1_ivklu83 wrote

We went to the Darr Agricultural Center on S. Kansas Expressway at about 8 AM and there was hardly anyone there. We probably got there during a slow morning period.


mattmaddux t1_ivkq7pq wrote

I would say my polling place looked about usual. I’m sure it depends on your area of town.


sprocter77 t1_ivlfwt9 wrote

Practically NO wait at James River Ass in Ozark at about 1:15.


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littlecello024 t1_ivliueb wrote

Suburb of Springfield here and my voter number was much higher than it usually is at that same time for other elections.


Lachet t1_ivmbcdy wrote

First time I've ever waited in line for the midterms.


Famous-Knowledge-722 t1_ivmdzf8 wrote

First time that I saw armed security at a polling location….


MrZanzinger t1_ivknkco wrote

I had to wait in line a little after 9am. Number 210


twidalspri t1_ivl5aea wrote

Only 3 people in line ahead of us and 5 or 6 at tables voting. At 1pm, we were #922, #923, and #924 at our polling place.


mm201201 t1_ivlmavr wrote

I had to wait at my polling place, north side at a small church, and the count on the scantron was higher than I'd seen before.

There were less poll workers than I'd seen in the past as well.


RollOutTheGuillotine t1_ivn3xp4 wrote

There's a huge shortage in poll workers for a number of reasons, but hopefully that gets lined out and people feel more comfortable to work for the next election.


mm201201 t1_ivn8vnl wrote

I've read numerous news stories about poll workers being harassed with some even receiving death threats. It's beyond sad.


Restelly-Quist t1_ivlnl9c wrote

I voted at 2 PM. Every table was full and there was a line of about 10 people, first line I’ve seen there.


ProGlizzyHandler t1_ivm89y3 wrote

Took me less than 10 minutes to vote from the time I pulled into the parking lot to the time I left (in republic). I was shocked because in 2020 I spent 2.5 hours waiting to vote. Both times I got to the polling station around 330pm.


Tabbycatt955 t1_ivkiylr wrote

I went at about 8:30 and I was 117 at my small church voting place.


Ipuncholdpeople t1_ivko9y0 wrote

I live close to a polling location and there are quite a few people there


MenopausalMama t1_ivkqpk4 wrote

My husband just got back from voting. He said there was a line. I'm on my way next.


Spastic_pinkie t1_ivkvwgh wrote

Voted at the Library Station on North Kansas Expressway. Parking lot was packed but weirdly, only a handful of people in the voting area.


Numerous-Mix-9775 t1_ivkwvhd wrote

I didn’t see my number but mine was fairly busy - not quite enough for a real line but almost there, I waited maybe thirty seconds. That was shortly before noon. Good age range too.


Citizenchimp t1_ivm3mgp wrote

Yeah - I’m in Oak Grove - voted about 9. Every table was full, but I saw mostly old folks (older than me, that is.)


jackie_wiggiwoo t1_ivm9vih wrote

I voted Saturday and it was very busy. It was mainly ages 50+


mangogetter t1_ivmaxjx wrote

The MSU welcome center had a TON of people there at lunchtime


WaywardDeadite t1_ivmfon4 wrote

I voted at 5 pm and was the 610th voter. The whole place was full! And there was a line.


Cold417 t1_ivksvxq wrote

My polling place was bumpin, but I'm voting an hour earlier than elections past so I don't have an accurate baseline.


Wyldfire2112 t1_ivnqam4 wrote

I pre-voted on Saturday, thanks to the new "no-excuse" absentee ballot laws, so I couldn't tell you.

I highly recommend it for everyone. No lines, just show up at the County Clerk's office, fill out your ballot, and you're on your way in like 5 minutes. Easy peasy to fit in while running errands on a day off.


EredarLordJaraxxus t1_ivlhjw9 wrote

I dont have a car so I cant vote. Not that it matters, shit's all corporate controlled anyway.


skucera t1_ivlk0uz wrote

You’re a dunce. Just google “free ride to polls.”


Cold417 t1_ivmqh2i wrote

They don't have legs or arms either. Stop being an ableist.