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Always_0421 t1_ivmkgwb wrote

Not trying to be an ass did any person not know?

In the past month alone:

The state mailed out a notice to every household in MO.

It was KY3.

It was on the radio.

It's on the springfield reddit page and the missouri reddit page.

We had a mailer on our door.

They had a notice taped to the front door of the polling station.

There was a notice at the DMV when I visited in October

This was all AFTER the info was posted when the law changed. Subsequent news releases and social media generated both praise and disdain from either side.

When I voted in the primary I handed my voter ID card to the election judge and was given a notice card indicating voting requirements for this election.

I was honestly inundated with the same info to the point I have a hard time of understanding how anyone hadn't heard of this.


WaywardDeadite t1_ivmmf5c wrote

I don't watch cable, I don't listen to the radio, I just moved to an apartment and didn't leave a forwarding address, I haven't been to the DMV, and the notice wasn't taped to the door at my polling place. It happens. I guess I assumed because I was allowed to vote in August that it wouldn't be an issue today.


7395715673 t1_ivmjx59 wrote

New law took effect August, 28 requiring a photo ID. Allegedly voting with a provisional ballot and your signature matches the one in the voter registry then it counts.


blurubi04 t1_ivmlorr wrote

If you voted a provisional ballot, they will compare you signature to the signature they have on file and count your vote. Supposed to anyway…


ProGlizzyHandler t1_ivmk0m5 wrote

They sent our flyers stating you needed a state issued ID to vote. But c'mon, we live in a very red state. It's a miracle we don't need to provide 12 forms of ID and a letter from the governor stating we're not illegal Mexicans before we can vote.


xPeachesV t1_ivmmt94 wrote

I still wore my Captain America soccer jersey just in case they asked

Just kidding, I absolutely wore my Mexico nat’l team jersey


MacAttack2015 t1_ivmk66m wrote

I have an expired Illinois ID that I was allowed to use because it expired after the last general election in 2020. They commented that it was an IL license, but not that it was expired, which surprised me. But I wasn’t given any grief over it and was allowed to vote like normal.

Now to find my birth certificate and passport so I can get a REAL ID.