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Zigihogan t1_ivooj22 wrote

This is asinine. If you want to know why Springfield has issues attracting businesses to Springfield it is because we are still stuck in 1987 with our infrastructure. I'm not sure what was accomplished by not allowing someone willing to do something to the location of former gravel company. The people who's conservative voting (yes, it is) disallowed development in this city.deserve exactly the stagnant town we have.


banjomin t1_ivou2yv wrote

They didn’t build a big concrete development that funneled storm drainage into the park, keeping it from becoming a swamp. So that was accomplished.

If a developer wants to develop that area, they can. If the city hadn’t conspired with this guy to let him bypass all the regulations that would keep him from ruining the park, this wouldn’t have been on the ballot.

I think it’s a bullshit false choice to say that our only choices were this deal or nothing. Now that guy can sell the land to someone else who can submit a plan that doesn’t fuck up the park.


ItsWatney t1_ivoz0ds wrote

There are plenty of luxury, overpriced apartments down the road in Galloway village already. This isn't a loss. Springfield will continue to grow, but we need to be responsible with developments to preserve what we already have that is beautiful.


lady_guard t1_ivqt5ec wrote

Right, Quarry Town looks like an institution from the outside and isn't much better inside. And they start at $1150 a month. For a 1 bedroom! What on earth. I refuse to believe there is high demand in this area for luxury apartments


Ron0919 t1_ivw6fo3 wrote

You may be surprised. Not all of us want to live in squalor and we can afford expensive apartments.


lady_guard t1_ivwxevc wrote

Good for you, but you're in the minority. 2020 average yearly income in Springfield was $23,679. If following the guideline of paying no more than 1/3 of income toward housing, that's $592 a month not including utilities, pet rent, etc.

Also, it's not like Springfield and surrounding areas aren't already inundated with luxury apartment housing (Heer's, The Edge, Silverleaf, The Preston, Cambium, Farmers Park, Quarry Town, Township 28, Chesterfield Lofts, 60 West in Republic, etc etc etc.)


Low_Tourist t1_ivtn9g4 wrote

The luxury apartments all have waiting lists, so someone wants to live there.


lady_guard t1_ivuwlaw wrote

Looks like the 2 bedroom aren't. Also occupancy doesn't mean that the residents arent scraping by to pay the rent. There's a shortage of affordable housing in this area, I have many peers who are stuck renting for the time being because the affordable houses in decent neighborhoods are being bought up by investors


Low_Tourist t1_ivovufl wrote

This location isn't the quarry. This is directly across from the park where that two story grey shaker building is.


Cold417 t1_ivp6avy wrote

The quarry is expected to be redeveloped when it retires...but that's another 20-30 years to go.


robzilla71173 t1_ivp7gdw wrote

It was very difficult to take the argument that apartments would ruin the sanctity of the neighborhood seriously when the residents built or bought homes next to a loud, dust producing gravel quarry.


Dbol504 t1_ivq16wa wrote

I wouldn't call mid/high end apartments a business that Springfield needs more of. Springfield does need to attract more industry business, not just build more $1,000+ a month apartments. Big difference.


Ron0919 t1_ivw678k wrote

And our city leadership is shit.