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OzarkHiker1977 t1_ivra1fa wrote

I know it sounds funny bit I like Walmart...Lifetime rotation, road hazard and balance...Thing is...Walmart is everywhere and if you road trip a lot, and I do, then I can get help just about anywhere easily if I have a flat.


[deleted] t1_ivrh2fr wrote

Just don’t drive on a flat, that will void any warranty you have you would be surprised how many times people would do that and then get mad when we couldn’t fix it or warranty it


ICareAboutNihilism t1_ivso71y wrote

I mean, if you have a blowout at any speed above 35 mph, that tire's sidewalks are fucked. Kind of hard not to sometimes like when you're on the highway.


BowDownToThor t1_ivunz65 wrote

I worked as a tire and lube tech at Walmart for nearly a year.

People who value their vehicles don't go to Walmart. I'd never recommend them and wouldn't when I worked there either.


ILoveFatti3s t1_ivr82hc wrote then installed at discount tire(no bullshit, go see their huge bay) where i can actually watch them use a presumably annually-calibrated torque wrench and put in real effort into doing my wheels right which i've been honestly been impressed af watching them work on snowplow trucks to the AMGs. they do it all. they even have a bar you can sit at where you can stare at them if you want through a one-way-mirror while they work on your car too.

but also too you can simply go in there with your kid and ask one of them for advice on what they have on sale already, on what's they're trying to do with the vehicle exactly(looks or performance), they can recommend basically all the right stuff that won't break fitment sizes wheel and tire wise. i'd send all my family there.

sucks they don't do brakes for some reason though.


Proud-Event-4910 t1_ivrers4 wrote

I agree! I’ve gone here and it was like I went it for a pit stop. Fast, friendly, good prices and a fun experience which is rare when buying tires


Nothing_exciting t1_ivrlkz0 wrote

Plaza Tire and Discount Tire are great on prices and service. They are the only two shops I will buy tires from.


brainkandy87 t1_ivruriw wrote

Plaza has good customer service for sure and I like their lifetime alignment package, but steer clear if you’ve got an AWD vehicle. I’ve had two fun experiences that turned me off from going there any longer. Just a huge pain in the ass if you have anything go wrong because they are incredibly conservative when it comes to tread depth and it’s relation to AWD.


MappingClouds t1_ivrcprg wrote

Smart Buy 1045 S Campbell.


mm201201 t1_ivrxvch wrote

And Doug the owner is an honest guy from my dealings with him.


_lei8 t1_ivre4d2 wrote

Costco, Sam's Club and Wal-Mart


Stat_Sock t1_ivs7is3 wrote

I had a good experience with Mitchem tire on Campbell. Dropped my car off and they were finished in a few hours.


22TopShelf22 t1_ivsc2jn wrote

They screwed vehicle and were complete pricks about it. Not a fan


GundleFly t1_ivr4lxr wrote

I’ve used D6 in Nixa and Sam’s club.


my_monkeys_fly t1_ivs9s8o wrote

I'm from bolivar, but I ho to Parrish Tire in Bolivar. Best service I've had, decent prices, and rarely a wait


daysknight t1_ivsn3to wrote

I go to mitchem on south Campbell. Family owned and they are super nice. I've never had a problem there and they've always worked with me if anything came up


whatlaw-wasbroken t1_iwbysao wrote

MTS, mobile tire service. Jordan is the owner, it's a decked out sprinter van with tire mounting and balancing equipment. You call him and he comes to you with your tires and performs all the work in your driveway or work. It's an awesome service.


mmr364 t1_ivri9n0 wrote

Chappell's Tires on E Chestnut. Locally owned, good prices, ancient waiting room - it's perfect


jerry1deadhead t1_ivtx9xb wrote

Tire pick your tire then they ship it to you or the installer of your choice. Much less expensive than anyplace I could find locally.


Cold417 t1_ivrak7c wrote

Firestone Complete Care. If you use the one by the mall you can wander around or easily catch a ride from that location.