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Angus_Cornwall OP t1_iwf2fk5 wrote

I don't think I will be able to sleep not hearing all the Motorcycles ripping around this evening


bre_huh t1_iwf30pc wrote

All the bikers in town are probably punching holes in their walls since they can’t terrorize the city


Tshuck89 t1_iwfb7uh wrote

We moved away from Springfield to the Anchorage, Alaska area. We will definitely get our fair share of snow up here, it has been snowing since the beginning of October.


fairlylocalflibs t1_iwf5pvz wrote

i am so not prepared for the winter. im an oregonian and this is my first winter living here. the snow scared me tonight even though i love it hahaha


Ozarkian_Tritip t1_iwf5zu1 wrote

As a 2nd year California transplant. The snow isn't so bad. This is nothing, it'll melt by tomorrow evening. Remember to drive slow, buy an ice scraper, buy a snow shovel, and check your tire pressure.

It's not too bad, with the exception of a freak record 9 inch snow fall.


00112358132135 t1_iwgj6th wrote

It was silent as could be… that snow was magical.


KitKatTheFox t1_iwh13id wrote

1st year California transplant here. I loved seeing mg first snowfall last night. I may be feeling like I'm freezing my butt off but it really was beautiful to see...and my puppy loved chasing snowflakes lol.


fruitymexican t1_iwh4a2y wrote

It is pretty. COLD though.

So very cold


Low_Tourist t1_iwhim8c wrote

So freaking cold today. That 37 degrees is a damn liar!


rosetintedglases t1_iwhdsh6 wrote

I left class as it was coming down and it was cute to see all the undergrad students running around giggling


turbulance4 t1_iwhgw6o wrote

Just wait for a good snow/ice during rush hour.. won't be so peaceful then.


[deleted] t1_iwg3uem wrote



disturbed_beaver t1_iwgbod4 wrote

It is frost now, but it was snowing last night and fast enough it wasn't melting as soon as it hit the ground.


FasterDoudle t1_iwhiyho wrote

Yep! My yard was under a good inch and a half by ~10pm