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NickTheHero9192 t1_ix1kbys wrote

I’m new to the area and I was wondering what specific reasons I should avoid North Springfield?


chanjcoop t1_ix23ny8 wrote

North Springfield is fine in many areas. There’s Drury University, Springfield’s largest historic neighborhood Midtown, and Commercial Street. Some spots are quite rough, but south side snobs who are afraid of poor people tend to make it out to be much worse than it actually is. Much of it is definitely up-and-coming in the next few years.


socialistpizzaparty t1_ix39syq wrote

Live on the South Side, can confirm. Also folks here have a false sense of security and do stupid things and act surprised.

“How dare someone steal stuff out my garage I left open all day!? For shame’”

“I can’t believe someone would steal my valuables from an unlocked car? What is this town coming too!?”


Zahille7 t1_ixoc5xt wrote

Those are the same people who like to complain about how Springfield is just like the big city nowadays.

Lol, no, Melissa, you have absolutely no fucking clue what the big city is like. Bumper-to-bumper traffic, at least half the day that you have to plan your day around, as well as many many more homeless people and actual camps, a pretty high crime rate, noise, pollution, etc.... These people have no clue.


ungovernablemushroom t1_ix1otno wrote

North Springfield is a much lower income area, and because industry and development favors the South side, it just keeps getting worse… which leads to a lot of social problems like crime, drug abuse, homelessness, etc. The person who made this meme is presumably fortunate enough not to be affected by these issues.


Gqyoshi t1_ix2eew2 wrote

Maybe it's the bad apples who ruin it for you folks on the North side. Industry and development don't want to build in places where druggies and bums are. The Northside has had that problem for a long time. It's smart to build where the money is, and it's not on the north side. It's not personal it's big business unfortunately.


robzilla71173 t1_ix63dzw wrote

You apparently don't work in manufacturing or tech. With the exception of jack Henry and part of SRC, virtually all of that is on the north side. The south side is more retail and medical than industry. You dont build factories where the money is. You build them where the skilled workers are. Nobody wants to put a science lab next to southern hills where the rich old maga farts live. They want it next to a university full of younger, more educated workers. I know from experience, it's where we're building ours.

Personally I find the weekly 'north side is full of poors so dont go north of...'' posts reassuring. It's nice to know the people who think this stuff will never be my neighbor.


G0alLineFumbles t1_ix51fws wrote

People just keep moving further south also. All of Springfield is too close to poor neighborhoods to have any one area be a good area. At this point all of the upper middle class millennials I know are fleeing or have fled to the surrounding towns. Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Rogersville. No one wants their kids in SPS.


ShartsvilleDestroyer t1_ix8j0dh wrote

>Springfield is too close to poor neighborhoods to have any one area be a good area.

Are you saying that poor people make neighborhoods "bad?" I really hope that's not what you're saying.


KitKatTheFox t1_ix1om5c wrote

I currently live in North Springfield...didn't know it was a bad area but then again I've been mainly spending time in my friend's house trying to get used to the colder fall/winter climate. I just moved here from California over the summer.


Zahille7 t1_ixocfwp wrote

Have fun on your first couple years here. It's quite a change. I'm from SoCal myself.


techguyjohn t1_ix3rmwq wrote

While there are many good pockets in north Springfield, watch/read the news and you'll notice shootings/killings and other crimes happen more on the northwest side of town. I would say it's more north of Grand rather than Chestnut, to include downtown.


G0alLineFumbles t1_ix51lhv wrote

Grand between Sunshine and Chestnut is a very rough area.


MotherofaPickle t1_ix8azdh wrote

Must be, since all of those roads run parallel to each other.


G0alLineFumbles t1_ix8igwi wrote

Yep, mixed up Grand and Grant. I event went to Hillcrest which is on Grant. Still mess up the name of those streets.


Conscious_Ad7105 t1_ixii102 wrote

The way I keep those two straight is that Grant was a Civil War general, where the north fought the south. Grant then runs north and south so Grand must run east and west.


robzilla71173 t1_ix63z3t wrote

Always seemed to me that most violent crime in Springfield is downtown or along a western corridor around scenic and bypass. And I assure you the problems on the west side extend further south than grand.