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Heyo! I grew up in Springfield and am here visiting for thanksgiving. When I come back I always have to go visit Mexican villa, Pasta Express, and Pizza House.

But really I just miss the salads at Pasta Express. Does anyone know what kind of cheese they use on their salads? Or maybe even a recipe for their dressing??

I also think the cheese at pizza house is really good so I asked them and found out it’s a blend of hard and soft mozzarella that they blend in house, which is cool!



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Shoddy_Load_8048 t1_ixa76y3 wrote

It’s Provel cheese.. Product out of the St. Louis area.. also to be found on Imo’s and Garbo’s pizza. Very yummy stuff


Proud-Event-4910 t1_ixa9mcc wrote

This is correct. You can buy imo’s version of it in some stores around town


Agentsas117 OP t1_ixd0nzj wrote

Thank you!!


rem506 t1_ixdjbph wrote

You can buy it at Sams Club as Imos Branded Provel cheese.


mdr417 t1_ixda0jx wrote

You should be able to buy it at HyVee I am pretty sure! My mom usually buys it at Mexican Villa but if you get it from a store you have to shred it yourself.


UranioMetriaPrincess t1_ix9ufx9 wrote

I know what you mean! Something so good about their salads!! I’ve done some searching myself and found an awesome dressing recipe that I’ll post the link for. The cheese they use is provel cheese. I get mine at Price Cutters.


doppom t1_ixb61oa wrote

Please stop eating at Mexican Villa


pexelto t1_ixpth39 wrote

That's just food snobbery.

Sure, there are authentic mexican places like Tacos El Champu that I frequent. But, a burrito enchilada style from Villa is freaking magic when that's what you're craving. There's nothing else like it anywhere.


FriendshipIntrepid91 t1_ixdlh5d wrote

I agree in the sense that it's bad, but if people stop eating there, my good Mexican restaurants will get busier.


Dbol504 t1_ixcl5hm wrote

gasps in local foodie

Those are your must eat restaurants here? You’re allowed one guilty pleasure restaurant but not 3 my dude.


Bootdaddy247 t1_ixd0f4y wrote

But Pizza House is legitimately delicious.


nickcash t1_ixe3g1e wrote

It's really not. It's exactly where it belongs in this list.

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with how much people on this sub love it.


Dbol504 t1_ixe6ko2 wrote

It's basically one step up from pizza you would get at public school.


Low_Tourist t1_ixf57s3 wrote

The pizza when I was in school was terrible AND delicious. Pizza House is just terrible.


Agentsas117 OP t1_ixd0tc1 wrote

Not even guilty pleasures lol. Just love these places.


Cloud_Disconnected t1_ixdkorp wrote

Most of the restaurants that everyone in this sub raves about are more trendy than good. OP's choices are fine.


Dramatic_Ad_6560 t1_ixbgt2j wrote

Former employee here... it is definitely provel. It's used in most of their dishes.


Mule_Skinner_43 t1_ixaqpab wrote

It was Provel on Pasta Express salads in the late 90s - early 2000s. You can get provel at costco.


417SKCFAN t1_ixaqiqc wrote

It is not provel on the salad, it is shredded Parmesan


Low_Tourist t1_ixbaaoq wrote

No, there's a sliced cheese too.


417SKCFAN t1_ixbd446 wrote

Iceberg and romaine lettuce, red onions and parmesan cheese combined with our Signature House Dressing


UranioMetriaPrincess t1_ixbhizh wrote

The provel cheese is an additional add on at the end. They ask if you want cheese or tomatoes when ordering.


417SKCFAN t1_ixci9nb wrote

That makes sense, so it doesn’t come with provel unless you add it.