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Angus_Cornwall t1_ixjfc5a wrote

Typical for Springfield to tear down old buildings. Wonder where the outrage is for these like National and Sunshine


Arc-ansas t1_ixjr9gg wrote

They looked beyond repair. I was worried that the wall facing the street would collapse and hurt someone. The structure was really bowed out.


Wendypeffy t1_ixkxuan wrote

Some older buildings are too old and dated and when you try to renovate they have to meet current building code. The 100 year old existing structures don’t have the ability to be brought to code without gutting the entire thing, which is often not possible because it lacks structural integrity.


JonnyG24 t1_ixjy381 wrote

Typical for Springfield? You ever been to Texas?


MonoChaos t1_ixl470h wrote

Yes, how dare we remove the condemned buildings so that they don't hurt anyone. They should stay in one place for all eternity simply because they were there before, consequences be damned. No marching forward into the future, we need to stay in the past!

You wouldn't happen to be in the Baby Boomer age range, would you?