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belshare t1_ixnfbo9 wrote

Dugout. Skinny Slims


Second-Stage-Panda t1_ixnq1y2 wrote

Sweet Boys is currently open and will be open tonight as well. Skinny Slims will be opening at 8 tonight.


OG_Illusion t1_ixp3tk8 wrote

Just because people go to bars on thanksgiving, doesn’t mean they had a bad thanksgiving or that they have drinking problems. Some people just like to celebrate with friends over a few drinks or go to the bar to let off some stream! No judgement, just looking for a good time at a bar somewhere local. I literally just had a coworker say she was going to the bar because she had worked 12 hours today and was just gonna meet up with her husband and go to a bar before home. Some people just wanna relax and get outta the house. 👌


Virulence93 t1_ixooubc wrote

Just drove past Drunkin Monkey and they are busy


ItsSirTone t1_ixp870v wrote

I went to Hardell's at 4 pm today. Only thing that was open downtown.


AMVof1984 t1_ixnnjyw wrote

Are bars being open on Turkey Day a new thing around here?


[deleted] t1_ixnu5cg wrote



JonnyG24 t1_ixqf9v0 wrote

Why would wanting to go to a bar indicate that something bad happened? Typical ass backwards SGF statement right here.