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Bootdaddy247 t1_iydizq3 wrote

....why on earth does this town need another office complex? Gas stations, churches, carwashes, strip malls, office buildings... And the latter two just sit there! Vacant, with signs of desperation for renters to move in. It's unlike any other place I've lived.


Low_Tourist t1_iydl5w0 wrote

We actually have a shortage of mid-size office space. It's either huge or like, one office. The 1000-2500 sf is in short supply though.


Bootdaddy247 t1_iydlixo wrote

Oh, interesting. It definitely feels like we're inundated, but that makes sense. I worked for a co-working space in Denver and that model makes so much sense to me. It was a huge building and companies had their pick of exactly the set up and square footage they needed. I only know of one here, but bring on the midsize offices if there's a need!


Low_Tourist t1_iydosh2 wrote

I wasn't trying to "well, ackshually" you, btw. It's just fresh for me, as we just spent almost two years looking for new offices at work.


Bootdaddy247 t1_iydpekt wrote

No stress! That is so wild though, sorry you had to deal with that. It feels like Springfield and even Joplin have an inordinate amount of empty buildings. I know not all of them are fit to be offices, and the ones that are can be incredibly unaffordable. But I do get confused every time a new one pops up because it's just like ..let's fill the holes we have! And I don't understand why that's happening. But it took your company two years to find a fit, and that's no small thing either, so there must be legitimate reasons they all sit empty.


Angus_Cornwall t1_iyeo95l wrote

This sucks, kinda liked the patio for Marg's and apps.